3 Business Takeaways from Rihanna's Savage X Fenty

Ooooweeee. Rihanna has struck again. Reporters are now calling the popstar, a mogul and an entrepreneur to watch.

Yesterday, the Bajan beauty showcased her new lingerie collection at New York Fashion Week.

Danetha Doe on Money & Mimosas

The show was provocative, timely and has the fashion world buzzing. From the incredible designs to the strong message of inclusivity and diversity, Savage X Fenty’s fashion week debut is one that all of us can learn from as entrepreneurs.

Three business takeaways from Savage X Fenty

  1. Create a memorable experience. Most collections at NYFW showcased their products in a traditional runway format. Rihanna bucked that idea and created a full-on show. That was both entertaining and inspirational. Whether you are debuting a new product or service, think outside the box on how to make the interaction with your brand one worth remembering.

  2. Incorporate an inspirational message. Rihanna and her brand is all about helping all women feel confident and sexy. Note the emphasis on all women. In her NYFW show, she chose to include models that didn’t fit the stereotypical model definition at fashion week. One woman was pregnant, a few women were curvier, and every shade was represented. Whatever your brand stands for, make a clear statement that this is the message that you are committed to spreading through your business.

  3. Build community. Rihanna could have easily been the face of the Savage X Fenty show at NYFW. Instead, she chose to wear a simple dress and dark shades, while the other models slayed it on the stage. Allowing others to be the face of your brand is a thoughtful way to create loyalty, give others a chance to shine and show that your business is passionate about representation!

    My Two Cents

Danetha Doe on Money & Mimosas

Rihanna KILLED IT with the show. And did an incredible job with following up the performance with a pop-up shop in NYC. Fantastic planning and execution all around. I can’t wait to see how the lingerie collection performs over the next 12 months.

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 The Socialites by Money & Mimosas

The Socialites by Money & Mimosas

Very Cavallari, Episode 4. Season 1.

"It's no fun to be 24 and relying on your dad for money." - Reagan.

Kristin Cavallari.jpg

The search for new employees continues with Kristin conducting second-round interviews for sales associates. Simultaneously, the drama continues between the employees of Uncommon James.

The tension is exasperated when Taylor, Shannon's BFF, comes in for an interview with Kristin. Kristin is hella direct with Taylor and says that she will not hire her because "me and Shannon have had our challenges." 

Hmmm. I totally agree with Kristin's hesitation to hire Taylor because it's likely that "little clicks of girls" will form in the store and cause unnecessary drama. However, it was completely unprofessional for her to bring up Shannon's name during the interview. 

Taylor tells Shannon what went down, and Shannon is understandably upset. Kristin calls a team meeting with Shannon, Brittainy, and Reagan to explain why she won't be hiring any of their BFFs. And that if the drama between the girls continues, she will have to start letting people go.

 The BOSS. 

The BOSS. 

Moving on from the employee drama, in this episode we meet Reagan's mom. While she and her mom are driving, Reagan shares that she is ready to take her finances more seriously.

It’s no fun to be 24 and relying on your dad for money. Slowly, but surely, I’m becoming an independent woman.
— Reagan from Uncommon James
 Reagan, originally from Alabama, now the assistant at the Uncommon James store in Nashville.

Reagan, originally from Alabama, now the assistant at the Uncommon James store in Nashville.

Way to go, Reagan! I'm over here cheering you on your journey of financial independence. Are you feeling the same way as Reagan? Ready to be an INDEPENDENT woman? Here is my advice to Reagan and you!

Danetha Doe on Money & Mimosas

My Two Cents

I absolutely love Reagan's carefree attitude at work. On several occasions, she shares that she thinks people take work too seriously and it should be more fun. I completely agree!

However, there needs to be a balance. Especially if you are committed to becoming financially independent. I've met, and mentored soooo many women, just like Reagan. Women who lack discipline when it comes to their finances health. Finances are just like fitness. You need to have a consistent routine and sometimes it's not all fun and games. 

A Money & Mimosas money tip

If you truly want to be financially independent, you have to develop a disciplined approach to your money. The first step to take is to have a weekly money date with yourself. Pull out your calendar and choose one day per week that you will check in with your money for fifteen minutes. During the date, you will review your income, bills and transfer a percentage of your income to your savings account. 

For more tips on what it really takes to be a financially independent woman, check out this post.

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Very Cavallari, Episode 3. Season 1.

“This isn’t a sorority, this is a business. I’m not trying to hire a bunch of friends.” - Kristin Cavalleri


As Uncommon James prepares for their store opening, the team is quickly scaling up their retail staff. And Kristin Cavallari is putting down the hammer and setting clear expectations for who she wants on her staff.

Kristin has put Brittainy in charge of conducting interviews, alongside Reagan. Together, they are filtering through the candidates and reporting back to Kristin to make the final decision.

One of the candidates is Taylor, a model for Uncommon James and one of Shannon’s best friends. Without getting permission from Kristin, Brittainy and Shannon meet up with Taylor for dinner- and Brittainy offers her the job. WHAT.

A big mistake because Kristin made it clear that she has the final say on who is hired. And laters shares, she had offered Taylor a job in the past, but Taylor had turned it down.

The episode continues with the drama between the employees. Now between Shannon and Reagan. Reagan feels that Shannon treats her like “hired help” and doesn’t respect her as a person. The two exchange heated words during Wirth’s housewarming party (Wirth is another Uncommon James employee) and the episode ends with the situation between the two, unresolved.

 The Uncommon James team.

The Uncommon James team.

Honestly, I don’t how the Uncommon James store will survive with all of this drama between employees. The strife between the women will be crushing for a business. Kristin will need to get these ladies back in check, OR let some of them go, because the energy is toxic and it will impact their bottom line.

My Two Cents

Danetha Doe on Money & Mimosas

Hiring is an art and a science. Something that I am still learning as an enterepreneur after having a few misses, myself. While many of us won’t have to worry about a fan girl trying to work with us (as so many of the interviewees revealed that they were “obsessed” with The Hills and Kristin Cavalleri), it is important to see if the interviewee has done their homework on the brand or are only interested in a paycheck and/or just having a good time. 

Ask your potential hires if they had previously shopped at your store? What do they know about your brand? Why do they care about its mission?

Your employees are ambassador for your company and it's important that they believe in your vision.

A Money & Mimosas money tip

Hiring staff is something that we’ll have to do if we want to grow our business and see our vision come to life. It is a HUGE commitment to bring someone on to your team, both emotionally and financially. Generally speaking, employees end up costing a company 2X their salary in the first year with all of the on-boarding and training costs.

As a small business owner, start slowly. Bring them on for a project and as an independent contractor. Check out Task Rabbit or Freedom Makers Virtual Assistance Services to help you navigate the process. Not sure if you're ready to hire someone? Read my post, Is it time to hire someone?

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Very Cavallari, Episode 2. Season 1.


This episode includes a BIG day for Kristin Cavallari. The Uncommon James company is officially moving out of Kristin and Jay’s hom and into its own office. Much to the relief of Jay, who strongly dislikes having people traispe through the house. Can't blame him, I'm also hella protective of my space. And if Shannon came through, I would be for sure sage-ing the effff out of it. 

Anyhooo, I digress. Moving into a separate office is a HUGE goal for many entrepreneurs. But, the celebration is quickly overshadowed by the strife between Shannon, the social media director, and Brittainy, the store manager. Of course, we need drama. It's reality TV.

Shannon, who has a very strong, bullish personality and doesn’t like to take direction from anyone (including at times, Kristin), is adamant about maintaining control over her duties. The dynamic between her and Brittainy is a tricky because Brittainy was hired after Shannon. But brought on as her boss.  

Shannon is like, "hold up, I was running this before this Philly chick got here." And Brittainy is all like, "girl, please sit your Southern belle non-working ass down. I run this now."

My words. Not theirs.

A situation I can relate to, at least from Brittainy's perspective.  My first “big girl” job was as a retail manager at Target earning $42,000 a year. I was twenty years old and in charge of managing a staff of thirty or more people, many of whom were in their forties or older, and had been with the company for several years. Like Shannon, my team had a way of doing things and were sometimes unwilling to take direction from a new person. Much less a younger person. 

Shannon and Brittainy.jpg

Kristin has made it clear that is in fact Brittainy’s role to corral Shannon and make sure that she does her job. Which is to curate and post content across the company’s social media channels including Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. Fun business insight: Kristin shares that 90% of the company’s sales are driven from social media and is a critical component to Uncommon James’ success. 

Although Shannon is really good at her job, she is very inconsistent. Letting weeks go by without posting on Twitter or engaging on Pinterest. Brittainy brings this up and shares some social media suggestions. Shannon is not open to hearing feedback, and retorts “I need to know expectations because I can’t read y’all’s minds.”

Hmmm, perhaps this is where the breakdown is between the two? That neither is clear on the expectations of each other or has clear measurements for success?

In true reality show form, the episode continues the drama and brings it from the workplace to Shannon’s personal life. She and her boyfriend get into a fight, causing him to storm out of the restaurant without saying goodbye.

I am so unbelievably NOT interested in the romantic relationship drama, but I bring this up because the lover's quarrel offers an opportunity for the two women to connect and mend their work relationship. For the time being...

For Kristin and the success of Uncommon James' sake, I hope these two continue to be cordial. Ready for my two cents on the business takeaway from this episode?


My Two Cents

Goodness, managing a team takes a lot of interpersonal skills. As a boss, not only does Kristin have to make sure that the work is getting done. But, she also has to manage the various personalities and the individual needs of the staff. The biggest takeaway I had was the importance of setting clear expectations for employees and understanding what motivates each person. A tool I like to use to be able to manage against tasks is Asana. Also, the book Drive by Daniel Pink is fantastic for better understanding what motivates your team members.

A Money & Mimosas money tip

As you grow your staff, it is important to invest in team building activities. I'm not sure if Kristin is doing this, but if I were advising her, I would highly recommend that she starts. Taking the ladies out on a hiking trip or bringing in a speaker to do personal development training for her staff could make a huge difference. What do you say? What is your advice to Kristin as she grows her business?

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Very Cavallari, Episode 1, Season 1.

“Every girl needs enough money that she can get up and walk away if she needed to,” - Kristin Cavallari, CEO of Uncommon James.

Kristin Cavallari

The reality star from Laguna Beach and the Hills is back and in total BOSS mode. Seven years after she said goodbye to reality TV, Kristin Cavallari decided to team up with E! Entertainment to executive produce and star in her new show, Very Cavallari.

The Kristin of today is a far more polished and evolved version of her high school self. But, has also held on to the sassy, take no shit, personality that we all fell in love with (or loved to hate) back in the day. She is now a mom of three, married to the former NFL player - Jay Cutler- and is the CEO of the successful lifestyle brand, Uncommon James. The show focuses on Kristin as an entrepreneur and the lives of her employees as they help her build her company.


The husband-wife dynamic is very interesting. Jay is now a stay at home dad while Kristin works tirelessly to get her new store up and running. In a scene where Jay and Kristin are driving, Kristin makes it clear that she is determined to be a financially independent- YOU. GO. GIRL.- saying that “every girl needs enough money that she can get up and walk away if she needed to. I’m with you [Jay] because I love you, not because I need you.” Then coily adds, “Power of the Pussy.”

“Every girl needs enough money that she can get up and walk away if she needed to. I’m with you [Jay] because I love you, not because I need you. Power of the Pussy.
— Kristin Cavallari

Can we give Kristin a hell yea!! Way to show the world that you are BOSS and understand the importance of women mastering their money. Which is everything that Money & Mimosas stands for. After sacrificing some of her dreams over the last eight years, while Jay played football, Kristin is unapologetically pursuing her passions. BOSS.

The first episode opens up with introducing us to the Kristin and Jay’s new home city, Nashville, and some of the people that Kristin is closest with.

Jay Cutler, her husband of five years, recently retired from the Chicago Bears and is a stay at home dad managing a lot of the household duties - such as picking the kids up from school and tending to the lawn.

Kelly, a groomer for celebrity musicians, is one of Kristin’s best friends. She’s 35 and single, and eager to find the man of her dreams.

Shannon and Reagan are two Southern belles who are both employees of Uncommon James.

Shannon Uncommon James.jpeg

Shannon is the social media manager, which Kristin says is the “most important job” because the majority of their sales originate from social media.

Reagan Uncommon James.jpg

Reagan is the office assistant. Don't be fooled by the "blonde with the big tits" as some affectionally call her. She is witty and very sharp.

Brittainy Uncommon James.jpg

Kristin’s third employee, Brittainy, was recently hired and is the soon to be open store manager. A hardworking woman from Philly, she has a gritty, no fluff edge to her that we quickly see clashes with the Southern belles who have no issue smiling in your face then talking shit behind your back.

Up until this point, Kristin has run Uncommon James from the couple’s home. And is working on opening her first brick and mortar location. The store will carry curated items from her line including jewelry and home goods. We are given a first-hand glimpse into the behind the scenes of taking an e-commerce platform to a physical store reality. It is quite a process, and an expensive one at that,  as I learned when I helped one of my very first clients open a fashion boutique after selling online. 

Here is my two cents on the business lesson we can learn from this episode.

Danetha from Money & Mimosas

My Two Cents

If you are in a committed relationship, it’s important to communicate your needs as an entrepreneur. Kristin shows us that we can love, adore and cherish our husbands - and still be fiercely financially independent. The key is to let the other know why pursuing your passions is so important to you, so that your beloved can help you. In this case, Jay helps with picking up the kids and minding some of the household duties so that Kristin can focus on her business.

A Money & Mimosas money tip

As you can see from the episode, it is quite an investment to open a brick and mortar. I hope that in future episodes, Kristin shares more of the financial insights from running a business. Regardless, my advice to you is to not jump head first into opening a physical location. Start with doing pop-up shops, or a pop-up shop in one location, to gain some foot traction and a loyal following before committing to a 12-month plus lease. In the Bay Area, there are locations like the Crocker Galleria in San Francisco, Broadway Plaza in Walnut Creek or Pophood in Oakland. To find locations in your area, check out Peerspace or collaborate with a local business owner and ask if you can rent out space for a short-period of time to test your retail concept.

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