Financial Foundations

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Financial Foundations


Financial Foundations Program

Financial Foundations is the #1 money mindset and accounting training program for project-based and creative entrepreneurs.

This isn't a stuffy, boring accounting class that leaves you feeling even more confused. After this program, you will feel 100% confident in your ability to track and manage your hard-earned money.

Through our training and support, we hold you lovingly accountable to your goals.

But don't take our word for it. Check out what some of our members had to say about it on our testimonials page.

Yes, I love Money & Mimosas!

What you learn in the program:

  • The psychology of money and how to stop the negative behaviors that are blocking your financial success
  • Financial organization- how to easily track your personal and business finances
  • Personal finances- the real deal behind boosting your savings when you also have debt to pay down
  • Accounting- everything you need to know about managing your hard-earned business monies including how to make sure you are prepared for tax filing
  • Business financial strategy- ever wondered how much you should spend on marketing versus hiring an employee? We got you covered in this section. You'll finish this feeling super confident about planning your business finances- even if you don't know how much you'll earn.

You will walk away from the program:

  • With the skills you need to do your bookkeeping
  • A thorough understanding of how your relationship with money may be affecting your business (and life!) success
  • Confidence in your ability to be the amazing business owner that you know you are

But, don't take our word for it. Check out what Karen Fleshman, one of our members, has to say about the program:


Investment for the program and perks

  • $1,500
  • Includes lifetime access to the training program 
  • Opportunity to join Danetha's group training programs

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