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Scroll below to watch how Financial Foundations helped Karen Freshman enter the Next Chapter of her life with grace, confidence and a higher net worth!

Client: Karen Fleshman

"From struggling, frustrated single mom to a profitable consultant making a difference"

Karen is a non-practicing attorney with over 20 years of experience in various industries including nonprofit and government. She is passionate about helping tech companies expand their employees to include people of color. She was receiving a lot of opportunities to do high-profile speaking and collaborations, but not seeing the fruits of her labor in her bank account. At the time, she was also going through a divorce, raising her kids as a single mom and taking care of her elderly parents.

In our program, Karen tripled her monthly earnings from $5,000 to $16,000. She secured paid opportunities to speak on Yahoo’s campus in San Francisco and New York. And has designed a coaching program to help companies improve their diversity and inclusion efforts.

What is the Financial Foundations Program?

Financial Foundations is the #1 money mindset and accounting training program for project-based and creative entrepreneurs.

This isn't a stuffy, boring accounting class that leaves you feeling even more confused. After this program, you will feel 100% confident in your ability to track and manage your hard-earned money.

Through our training and support, we hold you lovingly accountable to your goals. 

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