Sunday Brunch with Dress Up To Dazzle

Happy Sunday, friends!

This week’s mimosa brunch date is with Shalini, the fashion blogger behind Dress Up To Dazzle. Shalini is a Walnut Creek Socialite, a Bay Area influencer and trendsetter.

Money & Mimosas + Dress Up To Dazzle

Dress Up To Dazzle is my go-to resource for all things fashion. Whenever I’m planning a party, heading to wine country, going to brunch with the girls, I check Shalini’s blog for ideas on what to wear. For brunch today, I was inspired by Shalini’s flirty boss look.

Money & Mimosas + Dress Up To Dazzle

Shalini helped me create my dazzle look. First, we started with incorporating my signature pieces: a crop top and the color red. Together, we decided on this sexy red power suit from Caché and a lacy crop top from Ella. The animal print heels were the perfect complement to Shalini’s sexy animal print dress.

Money & Mimosas + Dress Up To Dazzle

For the details on Shalini’s look, and for more fashion inspiration, be sure to read her blog- Dress Up To Dazzle.

Once you’ve got your dazzle look, head on out to brunch with your girls and chat about this week’s hot topics.

This week, Shalini and I are chatting about supporting girls. Originally from India, Shalini has struggled to have her voice heard. She’s always been passionate about fashion, but her cultural upbringing did not support her dreams of becoming a fashion icon. After many years of struggling, she took a leap of faith and launched her fashion blog. She has now been featured in magazines and regularly collaborates with brands from all over the world. Shalini’s hope is to be a shining light to women around the world who have big dreams and to inspire us all to dress up to dazzle!

Topic 1: Sudan and Supporting Girls

The situation in Sudan is laying heavy on my heart. In addition to donating money to organizations, it’s important to spread awareness about the humanitarian crisis in Sudan. Beauty influencer, Shahd Khidir, is using her platform to bring attention to the devastation that is happening in her home country.

Beauty Influencer on Sudan's crisis
Beauty influencer on Sudan

How can we help?

Do you know of charities that are working on the crisis in Sudan? Please let me know so I can help spread the word.

Topic 2: Uganda and Supporting Girls

A couple of years ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Proscovia (fondly known as Precious) at a conference for black women in business. As soon as I met Precious, I knew she was an incredible woman. Her sunshine energy and passion for girl’s empowerment was so beautiful.

Originally from Uganda, Precious runs a non-profit to support girls in her home country. Keep reading to learn more about her and her organization.

Precious on Money & Mimosas

Proscovia Namazzi, (or Precious as fondly called by her friends), born and raised in Uganda, is the Ambassador, CEO and Founder of Precious Kids Foundation (PKF), a Fundable 501(C)3 Nonprofit Organization based in San Fransisco, CA which conducts Free Medical Mission Camps in rural communities of Uganda and other African countries to decrease the high rising rate of preventable causes that have led to many premature deaths and a high increase in orphans and widows.

Precious Kids Foundation also takes care of orphans, widows and individuals in underserved rural villages of Uganda and other African Countries in hopes of Educating, Equipping and Empowering them to be Healthier, Productive and Self- Sustained citizens of their countries.

A resident of USA for over 20 years, she has worked as a seasoned Neuroscience Registered Nurse for over 14yrs. A Financial Educator and a socially conscious Entrepreneur for over 7 years, Proscovia is also a mentor to women, girls and boys in different countries.

As a Socially Conscious Philanthro-Prenuer, she has dedicated her life to improve the lives of Orphans, Widows and single mothers in underserved rural communities for the last 12yrs as well as teach them through skills development to increase self sustainability.

A NeuroScience Registered Nurse, Precious uses her Nursing, Leadership and Entrepreneurial skills and expertise to be a solution to decrease the alarming rates of Preventable Premature deaths that have caused increasing numbers of orphans and widows that is rampant not only in Uganda but across Africa, of which the Organization Precious Kids Foundation serves.

In September 2018, they took a team of 11 Volunteers comprised of Doctors, Nurses, Life Coaches, Socially Conscious Enterprenuers, and other non medical volunteers, set up Medical Camps in 3 different Villages in Uganda and at the end of 5 days, they treated 4767 patients, delivered 2 baby girls, performed 1020 Dental extractions, Gave out 850 eye glasses and much more.

Precious on Money & Mimosas

This year September 2019, they are gearing up to take more volunteers and estimated to treat about 7000 patients in another villages in Uganda.

Their organization is looking for medical volunteers and donations to support the mission. To learn more you can visit their Facebook page:

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