February 2019: New Moon Money Exercise

February 2019 New Moon Money Invitation:


After a month of healing your money aura and practicing self-forgiveness for past unhealthy money choices, you are ready for a month full of passionate change. This change is either in response to feelings of discontentment or an intense realization of desire that has been bubbling at the surface.

The month of February is going to be a time of clearing out elements of life that are no longer serving you, or turning up the heat on opportunities you have in motion that are ready to be ignited. All of this will happen because you have done the work last month to cleanse your palette in preparation for the course ahead.

Money & Mimosas at the White Sands, New Mexico

As you move through this month, you will see things effortlessly fall into place. This will continue to happen if, and only if, you are disciplined in the actions you need to take to make things happen. If you remain disciplined about your focus and consistency, the Universe is ready to meet you 1000% in bringing your vision to life.

Therefore, the invitation for this month is discipline.

It is time to hunker down and approach your life like an athlete preparing for the biggest race of their life. While listening to your feelings and going with the flow are approaches that are usually recommended, during this season it is time to let those go. Set yourself up for success by focusing on taking disciplined action and ignoring your old self’s whining tantrums to stay the same.

Money & Mimosas at the White Sands, New Mexico

Be disciplined about how you spend your time, your rituals, your money, your health, and your thoughts. Begin by taking an honest assessment of where you are in life , where you want to be, and the beliefs/behaviors that are contributing to the gap between the two.

Money & Mimosas at the White Sands, New Mexico

Here is a 7-step assessment to help you develop your disciplined approach to this month:

  1. Do you have an established morning and evening routine? Write it down and use it as a checklist each day.

  2. Do you plan out your workouts the week before? Schedule your workouts on your calendar at least the night before, ideally the week before, including purchasing the class times.

  3. Do you have all of your legal ducks in a row? This is the time to review your wills, trusts and other protection coverage such as insurance. As an entrepreneur, make sure you have your business entity registered and all of your intellectual property information up to date. This includes trademark filings. If you are on track to earn more than $70,000 this year as a freelancer, upgrade your entity status from sole proprietorship during this month.

  4. Are you satisfying your sexual desires and curiosities? Yes, even if you need to schedule it on your calendar, it is necessary to honor your pleasure principle on a consistent basis.

  5. Are you eating clean? Preparing your meals ahead of time, ideally at the beginning of the week, will help you from binging on foods that make your body and brain feel sluggish.

  6. Do you schedule time to catch up with a friend? Nurturing your relationships in an intentional way will ensure that you don’t lose yourself in your work and forget the important of meaningful relationships.

  7. Are you intentionally spending time to develop your financial savviness? You want to live fancy and in luxury? Well, you’ve got to put in the work. Continue to stick to your weekly money date and savings goal. Also, now is the time to develop your personal investment strategy, investment principles, and take action on building your personal wealth. This month is an especially important time to be disciplined in seeking out opportunities to invest in your financial education through events, classes and workshops.

Sending you lots of love. I can’t wait to witness the money magic coming to you.


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