Episode 22: Artificial Intelligence and its impact on accountants with Kriti Sharma

This week's guest on the Future of Accounting podcast is Kriti Sharma. She is the Vice President of Bots and AI at Sage. At Sage, Kriti led the creation of Pegg, a virtual assistant that can understand the human language to perform HR and accounting related tasks.

Kriti is a civic leader within the Obama Foundation, recognized as a Forbes 30 under 30 person to watch in Technology, a Google Grace Hopper Scholar and won the Google India Women in Engineering Award in 2010. 

She builds AI that solves real problems facing the world today, from access to emergency services in developing countries to an AI powered financial assistant that helps entrepreneurs around the world. 

Kriti cares deeply about the ethics of AI and often writes about AI and bot design principles.

In this episode, you will learn what is AI and how it's already present in our daily lives. It's impact on the accounting profession and Kriti's #1 tip to accountants who want to stay ahead of the technology curve.