Episode 23: Keeping up with innovation as an accountant with James Solomons

This week's guest on the Future of Accounting podcast is James Solomons. Based in Australia, he is the the co-founder and managing partner of an accounting practice, the CFO for a publicly listed company and the Head of Accounting for Xero. Wow, he wears a lot of hats!

But, his favorite hat is being a mentor to up and coming leaders within the accounting profession. He is an guest speaker and educator at a number of universities and has been blogging about the shift within the profession since 2009. In fact, just before he started blogging, James felt stuck and uninspired as an accountant, and was ready to leave the profession all together.

In this episode, James shares with us:

  1. Why there is a disconnect between University education and the real-world for accountants. 
  2. How to find a mentor
  3. The skills you need to be a modern accountant
  4. And how to reenergize your career when you don't feel inspired