Episode 24: Step by step guide to become partner with Judy Vorndran

This week's guest on the Future of Accounting podcast is Judy Vorndran. Based in Colorado, Judy is a partner at Tax Ops, a Inc. 5000 member and named one of the best firms to work for by Accounting Today.  

Over the years, Judy has built her brand as the go-to state and local tax accountant for Colorado-based businesses. Prior to becoming partner, she worked for a number of Big 4 firms and a regional firm. While at the regional firm, she grew their SALT division from zero to over 1000 clients, and from one employee (herself!) to thirteen!

As partner, she has helped TaxOps grow their SALT services and create an environment that promotes collaboration and work-life balance.

In this episode, Judy shares with us:

  1. Why technology is the key ingredient in building a successful firm
  2. Specific techniques on how to communicate your value to clients and managers. In fact, one year, Judy negotiated a 40% raise using these techniques!
  3. How to decide if the Big 4 is a good fit for you
  4. The skills you need to move up the corporate ladder 
  5. Why you need to learn how to be a revenue raiser not a cost center for your firm and your clients!