Episode 26: Culture and Cybersecurity with Ranica Arrowsmith

On this week's Future of Accounting episode, we chat with Accounting Today's Technology Editor, Ranica Arrowsmith. 

Based in New York, Ranica keeps a close eye on the research that Big 4 firms are doing within blockchain and emerging technology platforms. In her words, blockchain and its impact is "not here yet" within accounting firms. Once it is, it will have a profound impact on cybersecurity and the role of the accountant.

So, what does this mean for accountants? Ranica believes blockchain, and other technological advances, will require accountants to get really good at being human. 

In this episode, Ranica shares with us:

  1. Blockchain and it's role in cybersecurity
  2. The trends she is seeing within firms as it relates to work-life balance for their employees 
  3. Why being human is the #1 skill an accountant needs to learn