Episode 36: Why tax accountants need to think more like consultants with Sharell King

In this episode, Sharell King shares how technology is reshaping the role of the tax accountant. And why it is now no longer enough to just be technically good at your job, but emerging leaders also need to think more like consultants for their clients.

King originally thought she wanted to be a math teacher, but quickly realized that with her analytical mind, she would feel more at home as a tax accountant. After getting her Masters in Taxation from Golden Gate University, she worked for two of the Big 4 firms before venturing into the private sector, working for companies such as McKesson, Uber and now Upwork.

In this episode you will learn:

  1. How King landed a role at a Big 4 firm shortly after graduating from Golden Gate University
  2. Why technology has changed her role as a tax accountant, and how she has managed to adapt to these changes
  3. The importance of developing your executive presence and why that is going to be key to your success as an accountant

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