Episode 38: A day in the life of a Big 4 accountant using machine learning with Darryl Ucheya

In this episode, Darryl Ucheya gives an insider look into how he and KPMG are incorporating machine learning and AI into their tax services.

Ucheya completed his undergraduate in accounting in 2015, then went on to get his Masters in Taxation before landing a role with KPMG as a tax associate.

Originally from Nigeria, Ucheya learned early on of the importance of nurturing relationships in order to land internships, jobs and other career opportunities.

In this episode you will learn:

  1. How Ucheya landed his first internship, even without having the best grades from his class
  2. The role machine learning plays in his day to day job
  3. Why project management is one of the top skills that accountants from tax to audit to consulting need to learn

Resources mentioned in this episode:

  1. Darryl Ucheya's LinkedIn
  2. Shrewd CPA
  3. Beta Alpha Psi
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