Episode 40: Q&A with Danetha Part One

In this episode, Danetha answers some of your biggest questions about the future of accounting.

In April and May, we hosted two webinars sponsored by Avalara on CPA Academy. Nearly 2,500 of you signed up for them. A lot of you asked questions that Danetha didn't have time to answer on the webinar, so we created two episodes to answer your questions about the future of accounting and how to find your niche.

In this episode, Danetha answers the following questions:

  1.  With so many advancements in IT, is there a high risk that technology will cause a decline in future employment?

  2.  What criteria do you use to establish value pricing?

  3.  Any recommendation for industry information in the exercise clothing industry?

  4. How should I go about setting my fees , value based pricing

  5. What is a good tool for communicating with remote employees? 

  6. Do you still recommending using time billing software to track time as a tool even if value billing? 

  7. How do you find and retain clients?

  8. What app would you recommend for expenses? 

  9. Can you recommend tools for finanical statement presentations for the board?

  10. Are recent accounting graduates getting an education in consulting?

  11. Do you have advise for posting on your websites. I need to start to get traffic on my site but I do not usually use facebook etc.  Is there a simple way I can get started?

  12. How can I know which apps like SLACK vs CamScan are secure for confidential information.

  13. Do you advise value based billing for Tax work?

Resources mentioned in this episode:

  1. Canva
  2. Time-tracking article
  3. Slack
  4. Sumo
  5. Reviews of Practice Management Tools by CPA Practice Advisor
  6. The Future of Work by BBC
  7. Ashley Kaltwasser
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