Episode 41: Q&A with Danetha Part Two

In this episode, Danetha answers some of your biggest questions about the future of accounting.

In April and May, we hosted two webinars sponsored by Avalara on CPA Academy. Nearly 2,500 of you signed up for them. A lot of you asked questions that Danetha didn't have time to answer on the webinar, so we created two episodes to answer your questions about the future of accounting and how to find your niche.

In this episode, the questions Danetha answered:

  1. Do you recommend a specific CRM platform to organize the companies we are targeting 
  2.  I currently work within a great niche (digital nomads) and am growing very rapidly. However, I'm having trouble hiring some help because it is specialized. Any advice here?
  3.  Danetha, the theory seems easy, however I struggle with defining a niche for me.  What are the most interesting niches you have seen people create in the accounting field? 
  4. Can we get a list of the web sites to write monthly articles you just mentioned?
  5. What did you do for this 60 year old? I have a similar problem. 

Resources mentioned in this episode:

  1. Episode 16- Jeff Maddux, founder of the Lifestyle Accountant
  2. Dubsado
  3. Zoho
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