Episode Sixteen: Build a practice you love with Jeff Maddux

In this week's interview on the Future of Accounting podcast, I chat with Jeff Maddux, the lifestyle accountant.

Jeff is a CPA and on his fifth sabbatical, what he calls his fifth #miniretirement.

After working in public accounting, Jeff realized that the traditional accounting career path was not for him. He wanted to build a career that allowed him to travel for several months out of the year and afforded him the freedom to work from anywhere in the world.

Jeff has been able to do just that and has now launched the Lifestyle Accountant community. A membership program where like-minded accountants to connect and find job opportunities that allow them to work while traveling the world.

In the episode, Jeff shares his insights on how to build an accounting career you love and how you can start taking #miniretirements sooner rather than later.