Episode 49: TECH SPOTLIGHT- Suneera Madhani, CEO of FattMerchant

In this tech spotlight episode, I'm highlighting a disruptive product that helps accounting professionals provide exceptional service to their clients.

Today's episode highlights Suneera Madhani, the CEO of FattMerchant.

FattMerchant is disrupting the payments ecosystem with their simple yet robust and affordable technology. In four short years, they have processed over $2 billion in payments and work with thousands of merchants. By eliminating hidden processing fees and introducing a subscription based model for their clients, they are saving small business owners thousands of dollars. And saving accountants several hours of reconciliation nightmares.

In this episode, you learn about:

  1. Suneera's career journey from studying finances to launching her own business

  2. What makes FattMerchant so innovative and cutting-edge

  3. How FattMerchant saved one client $70,000 in credit card processing fees in one year

Resources mentioned:

  1. Suneera's Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn

  2. FattMerchant

Future of Accounting with Suneera Madhani.png

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