Episode 53: Building a tax consulting practice with Randy Joseph

This episode features Randy Joseph of Randy Joseph Consulting. She is a CPA based in Seattle. I met her during my Future of Accounting tour sponsored by Avalara, during our visit to speak with the Accounting Financial Women’s Alliance Seattle chapter.

Randy first launched her tax practice around 1987, grew it successfully and sold it in 2011. Then, her daughter Deva, decided she wanted to start her accounting business and mom thought “hey, let’s do this together!”. So in 2014, they launched their accounting consulting practice and have successfully grown it with a niche focus on employees with stock options.

In this episode, Randy shares her career journey. How technology and marketing has changed with her second practice versus her first accounting firm, the billing adjustments she’s made in order to improve cash flow and her advice on how to build confidence when talking about your pricing and feeds. 

Future of Accounting with Randy Joseph.png