Valentine's Day Glow Guide

Welcome to my Valentine's Day Glow Guide

I believe that when you look good, you feel good and do good business. In this Valentine's Day guide are three of my favorite skincare products that make me feel feminine, beautiful and loved. And features the three women behind these amazing companies. Enjoy!

Taking care of my skin is a form of self-love, self-compassion and indulgence. My skincare ritual is my favorite part of the morning and evening. As I grow as an entrepreneur, I am so thankful that I have the means to purchase products that make me feel good and help support other women-owned businesses.


I have had life-long issues with my skin. Some issues were physical like acne. Some issues were emotional like rashes due to high levels of stress. Some issues were psychological relating to my dark complexion and living in a world that I did not feel celebrated my skin tone.



The inspiration behind the guide came from Mariah Carey's Rainbow album released in 1999.  This album was my first introduction to Mariah Carey.

In a lot of ways, this album was a first for Mariah. It was the first album she released after her divorce from manager, Tommy Mottola. Until this point, Mariah had primarily been clothed from head and to toe. And her music was mostly ballads.

With the Rainbow album, Mariah Carey shed the need to please others and play safe. She showed off her feminine figure and her love for eclectic genres by including Hip Hop, Pop and Soft Rock inspired songs. 

"Don't be subdued."- Bliss by Mariah Carey

"Don't be subdued."- Bliss by Mariah Carey

Facial cleanser delicate by Luminance Skincare

This has been my go-to facial cleanser for the last six months. Most cleansers leave your skin feeling dry because they strip your natural oils. This cleanser is hydrating and perfect for my normal to oily skin. Created by a scientist, the all-natural ingredients (including jojoba and avocado oil) are the perfect blend to maintain the ideal pH level in your skin. It also includes Tamarind seed, a staple in some Southeast Asian cultures, which is known to improve the skin's elasticity, hydration and smoothness.

Meet Elena, the GirlBoss behind Luminance Skincare

Luminance Skincare was born after the founder's wife realized that her headaches were caused by synthetic ingredients in her skincare routine. Unfortunately, their "natural" products either included synthetic perfumes or chemicals, and/or were prohibitively expensive.

After the company was launched, Elena stumbled across Luminance Skincare while meandering at the Oakland Farmers Market. After chatting with the owner, she quickly realized that the products she had been using were harmful to her skin. A few months later, she joined the Luminance team (a team of one at the time!) to represent their wholesale accounts and improve their marketing strategy. She quickly demonstrated her value and became a co-owner.  

When did you launch your business? Became a co-owner in 2014

How many people work at your company? 3

What makes you glow? I glow when I eat well, sleep well and stay in community with people who like to stir things up.

What is your #1 tip for women to live their best life? Be clear on your values and act in accordance with them. It's exciting! And eat plenty of fat. It's good for your skin.

Drift Salt Bath by Being

Money and Mimosas: Drift

There's nothing like a good soak to remove stress from the body, and leave you feeling soft and feminine. With Hiwa Kai black lava and Dead Sea salt, this organic blend of ingredients is one of my favorite ways to relax after a long week.

According to the site, the Hiwa Kai Hawaiian Black Lava Salt and Dead Sea Salt provides balance and increases blood flow. While the atlas cedarwood and juniper berry essential oils inspire mental strength and stability.

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Meet Cynthia, the GirlBoss behind BEING. 

After overworking in a demanding advertising position on Madison Avenue in New York, Cynthia became passionate about wellness and living a life that allowed for indulgent experiences. A serendipitous opportunity led her to London, where she learned about the world of aromatherapy and herbs. Combining her marketing acumen, her love for self-care and spa visits, and her new knowledge of herbal studies, Cynthia created BEING. Born out of an intention to help people claim their right to take care of themselves, BEING is a handcrafted line of small batch, organic and vegan bath and body products based out of the Pacific Northwest. 

When did you launch your business? 2015 

How many people work at your company? 1 

What makes you glow? I'm Cuban and grew up with music in my home all the time, so I feel alive and joyous when I'm dancing to music. I cook, do chores, and make product with music playing. I'm such a cliche. Ha! What can I say, though? It energizes me!

What is your #1 tip for women to live their best life? Get out of your head and learn to live through your gut. I've seen way too many smart and capable women (guilty!) hold themselves back because of self-limiting beliefs or overthinking things that make them fall into analysis paralysis and never get anything done. Sometimes you just need to get quiet, get off the Internet, stop listening to other people's well-intended advice, and just observe how things troubling you feel in your body. Your body perceives things faster than your brain does and if it doesn't feel right to you or it does, then act accordingly. In business, you need ways to limit decision fatigue and a lot of the time you need to act fast. Learning to harness your body's intuition and develop a relationship with it will allow you to make faster, better decisions without going down a rabbit hole of what if's and should've's and other excuses or justifications.

Money and Mimosas: Leahlani

Champagne Serum by Leahlani Skincare

You already know if a product has the word "Champagne" in it, I am all over it. I was introduced to this line by a friend, who is a raving fan of the Leahlani products. And after trying this serum, I can totally see why.

Just like the website states, this Serum makes you fall in love with your skincare ritual and its scent whisks you away to the beaches of Hawaii. Packed with grapeseed and chardonnay oils, and infused with fatty omega oils, rosehips and lavendar, this serum beautifully removes scarring while gently calming the skin.

Use the code MoneyandMimosas to receive 10% off your order. Good through February 14.

Meet Leah, the GirlBoss behind Leahlani Skincare

Leah launched Leahlani Skincare after struggling with cystic acne for over ten years. Recognizing that her body was out of balance, she embarked on a quest for healing. Fate led her to Spa Luna, an esthetician school on the island of Maui. Without any prior knowledge of skincare, she listened to her intuition and she and her husband moved from Kauai to Maui. Inspired by the world of holistic skincare, she soon launched her own skincare line that would not only heal your skin, but also "make you fall in love with your skincare ritual." 

When did you launch your business? 2009. 

How many people work at your company? 2 (her and her husband :)

What makes you glow? Connection :)

What is your #1 tip for women to live their best life? Be authentic, set your intention and nurture yourself.

"I'm overwhelmed with gratitude." Thank God I Found You by Mariah Carey

"I'm overwhelmed with gratitude." Thank God I Found You by Mariah Carey

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