Lindsay Lohan launches new business venture

Celebrities and lifestyle websites have been all the rage lately in Hollywood.  With Gwyneth Paltrow and the Kardashian-Jenner clan trailblazing the path, celebrities from Zendaya to Shay Mitchell, to now Lindsay Lohan, are all building businesses around their unique approach to experiencing your best life

A couple of weeks ago, Lindsay announced the launch of her new lifestyle site, Preemium, where she'll share the behind the scenes of her life. 

Drumming up excitement for the launch, she deleted almost all of her Instagram posts and shared that in order to learn more about her life, you'd have to sign up for her $2.99 app.

What I love about this venture:

  • Collaboration with other celebrities. Lindsay plans on partnering with celeb friends to help build the project. Teaming up with others who are like-minded and bring value to the table, is a big plus. And it will differentiate her lifestyle website from the many others.

  • Monetizing her brand- go girl! You know that I'm all about building a brand and using it to monetize your uniqueness. This platform will allow Lindsay to continue to expand her empire.

  • Great timing with her upcoming projects. The Mean Girls star is set to host a reality prank show called The Anti-Social Network as well as star alongside Harry Potter alumni Rupert Grint in the British television series Sick Note. Her site will be a great way to connect with and draw viewers to her shows.

What I don't love:

  • Too many topics. Currently, Lindsay's site promises insights on sports, lifestyle, music and fitness. If she were my client, I would recommend that she choose one area of focus in order to establish the know, like, trust factor. Kim Kardashian is a great example of this- she is known for sharing beauty advice and was able to launch a successful product line (you can read more about it, here!) because her fans know, like and trust her beauty advice. On the contrary, Blake Lively's lifestyle site Preserve shut down about a year after it launched in 2014. I believe it was not successful because there were way too many items and categories. Blake needed to take the time to hone in on one focus, perhaps home decor, before moving on to cooking tips and other lifestyle pieces.

  • Not original. While I believe that the collaborations will help set this site apart from others, I wish that Lindsay would stretch out of her comfort zone and build a lifestyle site around topics that are bit edgier. Every celebrity talks about their workouts, beauty tips and VIP events. It would be fun if Lindsay shared more insights about her travel and cultural experiences, and how this is influencing her period of renewal. As she shared with People Magazine.

My two cents (probably worth $2M, duh):

I absolutely love this concept for Lindsay and am excited to watch this platform grow. In order to be successful, she will need to narrow her focus. And she needs to continue to share free content on social media in order to drive traffic to the site. 

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