Glamping 101: Items You'll Need For A Comfortable Camping Trip

I remember the first time I went camping was in the second grade. I was a Girl Scout - specifically a Brownie- and our troop took a school bus to a forest about an hour outside of Atlanta. We were separated into groups of five or six girls, and slept in separate sleeping bags with our group in a yurt. Just before bedtime, our troop leaders taught us how to start a fire. We roasted marshmallows, ate s’mores and sang songs around the fire. I remember loving everything about the experience - except for the bugs, the cold showers and sharing a yurt with other children.

Yes, I was born bougie. Fast-forward to my thirties, one of my favorite activities is to unplug and go camping with my fiancé. As long as all of my needs are met.

Camping at Money & MImosas

From my perspective, my needs are just basic human requirements. No bugs. Hot showers. A warm and comfortable sleeping situation. Cocktails. And just a few other, smallish items.

Camping on Money & Mimosas

Below are the items we bring with us on our camping trips. There is nothing like being in nature, with no cell service, and spending quality time with someone you love. Feel free to use this as a checklist for your next, or first!, glamping trip.

Nick needs his coffee in the morning. A cold-brew in a can is easy to pack for a camping trip.

Nick needs his coffee in the morning. A cold-brew in a can is easy to pack for a camping trip.

The Basic Items We Bring To Go Camping:

  1. Tent: the size of the tent is calculated by the number of people it can fit. However, they tend to run small. For instance, our tent is supposedly for four people. But it can only comfortably fit me and Nick. I suggest buying a tent that is “two people” bigger than what you need. For instance, if you have a family of four - buy a six person tent. Once you do purchase it, practice setting it up in the dark. You want to make sure it’s easy to assemble in case you don’t have sunlight to guide you.

  2. Tarp: we place this under the tent to keep out rain and dirt

  3. Lantern and/or head lamp: a light is very helpful, especially when it’s late at night and you have to go to the bathroom. We forgot to bring ours during a trip and I refused to go to the bathroom because I thought an animal was going to jump out of the trees and attack me.

  4. Newspaper: this is to help start the campfire

  5. Wood: be sure to buy it where you burn it. This is because it helps get rid of junk wood in the forest where you’re camping. Junk wood can easily start forest fires. Also, bringing “foreign” wood - or wood that is from another area- can spread diseases to the local area’s plant life.

  6. Cash: we like to have $20-$40 in cash on us so we can buy wood from the campsite host

  7. Camping mat: we use an inflatable mat to place underneath our sleeping bags for extra comfort

  8. Sleeping bags: the warmth of these bags is listed on the packaging. They measure it according to how cold the temperature it can withstand. For instance, our bags can withstand temperatures as low as forty degrees fahrenheit.

  9. Foldable chair for everyone: we use these as we sit by the fire. Also they come in handy when we shower and want to dry out our towels.

  10. Cooler: to carry our alcohol and snacks

  11. Multi-tool/knife: we’ve had to use this for so many random things, it’s helpful to have just in case

  12. Towel: I’ve forgotten to bring a towel for the showers so many times. Did I mention that this blog post is really just for me? Ha!

  13. Water: bring bottles and a gallon or two of water

  14. Hammer/hatches: this is for the tent stakes in case it gets windy. Stakes will help keep your tent in place.

Do you have any upcoming camping trips? Let me know in the comments below!

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