I'll have an ostrich egg with my mimosa

It’s a gorgeous, sunny afternoon as I exit out of the Bart station in Hayward, CA. I’m on my way to meet a couple of the Socialites to chat about our plans for the upcoming month. The Socialites is a community-based organization committed to expanding economic opportunities for women, educational opportunities for girls and the growth of underserved small businesses.

We were meeting in Hayward, the home of Vanita Lee-Tatum. Vanita is a local artist, small business consultant and one of the Socialites. She is passionate about the local community and a powerful force. I arrived to Hayward a couple of hours before our meeting so that I could walk around the town and grab a late breakfast at one of the local spots.

Money & Mimosas at The Treehouse

As I’m walking down B Street, I feel drawn a cute spot called “The Treehouse” and decide to go in. I’m thrilled to hear soul music playing in the background and to be greeted with a friendly smile by the hostess.

Joe Perryman is the owner of The Treehouse. He relocated the restaurant to Hayward in 2016 from East Oakland. Dedicated to creating an uplifting and welcoming environment for black people, the energy in his place is balm for our souls.

And the great food is a bonus. I ordered The Treehouse Country Scramble complete with potatoes, scrambles eggs, sweet bell peppers, bacon and more deliciousness. It should be noted that Joe handpicks all of the ingredients and they are sourced locally.

I had the opportunity to meet Joe and chat with him about one of his signature ingredients…ostrich eggs.

Money & Mimosas at The Treehouse

According to Fossil Farms, an organization that works with small local farmers who produce 100% All Natural Meat & Sustainable Farm-Raised Game free of hormones, antibiotics & steroids, an ostrich egg has a slightly sweeter flavor and a fluffier texture when compared to a chicken egg. They are the largest eggs laid by a bird. In fact, one Ostrich egg is approximately equal to a dozen and a half chicken eggs.

The next time you’re looking for a tasty brunch meal while you listen to Soul Food, visit The Treehouse in Hayward, CA. And ask for an ostrich egg along with your mimosa.

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