3 Business Lessons Learned From Beyoncé's Formation Album

Beyonce- Formation Album

Original post from February 8, 2016 and Blavity

All hail the Queen. The entrepreneur, mogul, entertainer, activist, beauty queen has reminded us (again) that she rules the world. 

Beyoncé's surprise release of Formation just before her Superbowl performance is an exquisite example of a BOSS who is on top her game and in a league all her own.


The world and the Internet went nuts on Saturday when the video was released on TIDAL, Jay Z's music streaming service. Followed by her stellar performance at the largest sports event in the world and subsequent announcement of a 40-city tour, everyone from the New York Times to NPR to celebrity gossip blogs was talking about it.


As an entrepreneur, Beyoncé's command of her business is exceptional. The level of focus, precision, coordination and flawless execution is second to none. And the release of Formation is yet another example of why BOSS Beyoncé runs a $250 million empire.

Photo: Beyonce.com

Photo: Beyonce.com

Here are three business lessons I learned from Beyoncé this weekend:


1. Compound your multiple revenue streams

In my last post about Beyoncé's business, I highlighted the importance of having multiple revenue streams. As an entrepreneur, the strength of your business is determined by how many ways you can attract cash to your bank account. You then need to take it to the next level and combine your multiple revenue streams.

Beyoncé not only released her music video on TIDAL, which is owned by her husband, a music streaming service where artists earn and retain a larger percentage of the revenue share.

She then promoted her song during her Superbowl performance, which she undoubtedly gets paid a PRETTY penny to do.

And finally, after the performance she announced her 40-city concert tour. Getting paid on paid on paid. At every turn, Beyoncé is earning revenue to do what she does best and to promote her products. Genius.

Takeaway: Create multiple revenue streams and brainstorm ways you can combine them in order to earn cash at every opportunity.

2. Create off-line and online experiences for your launch

While the launch of her music video was incredible, that is not Beyoncé's main source of revenue. In today's music industry, the artist generally earns the most money during their tours. The music video is a teaser, a marketing strategy, to promote her 40-city tour. 

Formation was an online experience for her fans and to get them excited to tune in and watch her Superbowl performance. 

Partnering with the largest sports organization in the world, she utilized The Superbowl opportunity to connect with her fans off-line. Reminding them why her tour performances are worth every penny. And the Formation tour, promoted by the Live Nation Global touring chairman, is where Mrs. Carter will make bank.

Her Mrs. Carter World Tour of 2013-2014 grossed $212 million from attendance of nearly 2 million to 126 shows, according to Billboard Boxscore. Following that tour, she launched the On The Run co-headlining stadium run with her husband, Jay Z which grossed $96 million from 832,769 tickets sold to just 19 shows in North America. (source: Billboard)

Takeaway: Identify your big money maker and create a marketing strategy that includes working with a larger brand.

3. Timing is everything

If nothing else, the success of a business is all about timing. Prior to the release of the Formation music video, Beyoncé has been criticized for not speaking up about police brutality and other racist events within the United States. 

Now the world, can shut their mouth. Between the black girl magic dance moves, the striking visual of the drowning police car with Bey sitting on top of it, and cutting lyrics of being a "Black Bill Gates in the making", Beyoncé makes it clear that she has not forgotten where she came from and that she 100% supports the efforts of Black Lives Matter.

And what better way to make a political statement than during the biggest live concert in the world. One week before the Grammy Awards. Well played.

Takeaway: If you have an impactful message, do not be afraid to share it in the biggest way possible.

Photo: the blackmedia.org

Photo: the blackmedia.org

And now I'd love to hear from you! What was your business takeaway from Beyoncé's launch? Let me know in the comments below.

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