5 self-love ideas for this Galentine's and Valentine's Day

A rich woman unapologetically indulges in every moment. Opulence is her playground. Seduction is her muse. Her wealth is a source of self-love, gifting her the freedom of time and energy to explore her deepest desires.

Take a deep inhale…. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Then exhale, nice and slow….5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Can you feel the love in the air? The love and magic that surrounds you. This week is the week of love, Galentine’s and Valentine’s Day, and most importantly self-love.

Financial freedom is a journey of self-love. Let this week be the week you give yourself the love and attention that you are undoubtedly going to show to those special people in your life. Keep reading for some ideas on how to love on yourself.

Treat yourself to a body scrub

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Treat yourself to a Korean-style body scrub. The Korean style body exfoliation uses a textured glove that removes dead skin cells and layers of grime- you will literally have gray rolls removed from your skin. I love this treatment because it leaves my skin silky smooth and glowing. My favorite spots to get this treatment is in San Francisco at Pearl Spa & Sauna, and in New Jersey at the Island Spa & Sauna.

Treat yourself to an at-home glow day

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Every month, I treat myself to a glow day at a my local spa. If scheduling an appointment isn’t in the cards this week for you for whatever reason, create an at-home oasis and re-create the spa vibe at home. My staple at-home glow day treatments are:

  1. A steam facial with epsom salt and tea tree oil.

  2. An egg facial using an egg yolk.

  3. Taking an epsom salt bath with lavendar and bergamot oil.

  4. A body scrub with a luxurious exfoliator. My favorite is ocean salt from lush.

Treat yourself to a sexy dance class

Choreographer: Amanda Gutierrez  Photo credit: Darrin Baldridge

Choreographer: Amanda Gutierrez

Photo credit: Darrin Baldridge

Choreographer: Ashley Worley  Photo credit: Rae Studios

Choreographer: Ashley Worley

Photo credit: Rae Studios

If you have attended one of our Rich, Sexy, & Confident masterclasses, you know that I fully believe in the power of dance to transform your relationship with money. Feeling confident in your body is one of the keys to financial freedom, so do yourself a favor and sign up for a private dance lesson or take a group dance class this week. Two of my favorite choreographers in the Bay Area are Ashley Gutierrez, creator of Vibe with Me, and Ashley Worley. Their heels classes always make feel sexy and ready to own the bedroom…and boardroom.

Celebrate with your girls

Galentines Day on Money & Mimosas.jpeg
Galentines Day on Money & Mimosas.jpg

I love my man, but there is nothing like a party with the girls. Spending time with girlfriends is nourishing and uplifting, and a great way to refill your self-love cup. My dynamic friends, Maggie and Emily throw an incredibe Galentine’s Day party every year. Not only do I leave feeling refreshed, but I also meet other boss ladies and leave inspired by my new connections.

If you’re thinking about throwing a Galentine’s party, here are some insights from this dynamic duo on how they make their party THE party of the year:

We love throwing parties for ladies that are:

  1. Inclusive: be your TRUE SELF- show up, be honest, no judgements

  2. Inspiring: full of amazing people speaking honestly about real-life struggles in the parenting realm, self development journeys, and career world.

  3. An easy delight: we don't want to spend so much work and area on a party that will make it's not want to go through the headache next time- so we minimize the amount of work by aiming for "good enough" and not breaking our backs to make it perfect. The real part of the party is the LOVE and CONNECTION that fills the room, not the stress of making everything perfect. - Maggie and Emily

Now, I’d love to hear from you. How are you treating yourself this week?

About Danetha: Danetha is a money mentor for ambitious women. She has been named a top 40 under 40 accounting professional by CPA Practice Advisor and a millennial entrepreneur watch by the office of Congresswoman Barbara Lee. Want more money tips? Join our Money & Mimosas Insider List