The $12 mask that you will give you glowing skin in 30 days

As a pre-teen and teenager, my skin like most kids my age, had a mind of its own. Breakouts, buckets of oil, huge pores, blackheads, you name it. While it certainly could have been worse, the volatility of my skin made me self-conscious.

Thankfully, I had a mother who wanted nothing more than to make sure that I felt comfortable in my skin, so she researched different skin-care home remedies that I could try. We did not have a huge budget to spend on luxurious masks and my mom wanted to make sure that I used all-natural products. She was all about the all-natural, green skin-care movement before it became trendy.

She stumbled across a Chinese beauty treatment where you put egg yolk on your face. The treatment called for applying egg yolk onto your face once per day for 30 days. After the month was over, you can continue to do the mask as your skin needed it.

Within two weeks, I saw a huge improvement in my skin. After after the 30 days, my skin was SO glow-y.

As an adult, my skin is not as oily. But, I’ve continued to do this mask every now and again when I want a quick glow-me-up.

Why egg yolk? The yolk contains...

Money and Mimosas: Egg Facial

Protein- the egg yolk contains over 40% of the egg’s protein. Protein is a building block for the skin which helps with elasticity and repair.

Vitamin A- this alone is a miracle for the skin. Vitamin A increases blood flow to the skin by thickening and stimulating the dermis. The dermis contains our collagen, elastin and blood vessels. This increased blood flow helps to reduce wrinkles and slows down the aging process. It is also a natural exfoliator which helps to smooth the skin. It also increases natural UV protection and helps to heal acne and dark spots.

How to apply

Money and Mimosas: Egg Facial
  1. Separate the egg yolk from the white either using a egg separator or the shells.

  2. Apply the egg yolk all over face, neck and decollete.

  3. Allow the yolk to dry until cracking. About 10-15 minutes.

  4. Rinse thoroughly with warm water or egg white followed by warm water.