#MoneyMonday: How to use your celebrity to build a business like Jessica Alba


On June 15, Forbes will release its inaugural “America’s Richest Self-Made Women” issue. The list includes heavy hitters like Oprah, Madonna, Beyonce.

And on the cover is a woman quickly rebranding herself from movie start to mogul.


Jessica Alba, reportedly worth a sexy $200 million, is the co-founder of the Honest Company, a subscription-based brand for parents looking for safe products to use on their children. Beginning with diapers, Honest has since expanded to include skin care products and organic cleaning supplies.

The idea to launch the Honest Company came to Alba after she had her first daughter. She was looking for a safe, child-friendly detergent and chose to use a brand recommended by her own mother. Much to her dismay, Alba’s skin broke out in hives after washing her clothes leading her to research the product’s ingredients. Jessica quickly realized that this “safe” product and many other “child-friendly” products contained chemicals harmful to the environment and to children.

Like a fierce mama bear protecting her cubs, Alba went on a rampage and discovered how broken the U.S. regulations are in terms of protecting its citizens from toxic chemicals within consumer products. Jessica hypothesized that there was clearly a direct correlation to these unsafe products and the eerie rise in allergies amongst children.

In my post last month, I wrote how Jessica shows us the power of knowing your why in business.  Click here to read .

In my post last month, I wrote how Jessica shows us the power of knowing your why in business. Click here to read.


She set out to find business partners and consultants to help her build a product line that families could trust were safe for their children, homes and environments. And the response has been incredible. The company launched in 2009, earned $10 million in revenue in 2012, $100+ million in revenue in 2014 and expected to break through $250 million in revenue in 2015.

Valued at over $1B, the company has received backing from Jessica Alba and venture capitalists including partners from General Catalyst, Lightspeed Venture Partners and Institutional Venture Partners. With growing success in the U.S., the Honest Company is expanding to South Korea later this year and possibly China in 2016.

With the combination of a fabulous, wholesome product line, avid mama supporters and Jessica Alba’s savvy celebrity presence, the sky is the limit for the Honest Company.

So how does she do it? How has Jessica Alba built a $1B company?

I covered Jessica Alba and her company in another post last month, highlighting the importance of identifying your “why” in business in order to be successful. 

As entrepreneurs, there is so much we can learn from her hustle. In addition to proclaiming your why, take some time to observe how Jessica acts as a spokesperson for her company. Granted, many of us do not have the platform as a Hollywood actress to work from, but you can certainly use your presence to drive sales and adoring fans to your brand.

Jessica Alba's Instagram feed is a combination of personal posts, glamour shots and the Honest Company.

Jessica Alba's Instagram feed is a combination of personal posts, glamour shots and the Honest Company.

As the co-founder and spokesperson for the Honest Company, Jessica poses with her own children to promote the company’s products. She is also a staple at legislative events discussing the importance of increasing regulation around toxic chemicals in our consumer products. Her personal Instagram is a refreshing combination of personal photos, glamour shots and Honest promotion.

Want to leverage your personal brand to create a sticky business? Here are three steps to take right now.

  1. Identify your why. Why are you so passionate about your business and how do you plan on improving our world. Check out my post for more tips on how to dig deeper.

  2. Be more active on social media. Mix personal posts, with inspirational shares and promotions about your business.

  3. Get involved with politics. What cause does your business address? Attend local events that address these issues and be vocal about your stance.

Take Action: And now I want to hear from you. Which of these three tips will you implement today?

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Danetha Doe is a celebrity business strategist and founder of the entrepreneur's lifestyle blog, Money & Mimosas. Connect with her on Twitter and Instagram, @danethadoe.