Money Date: 3/15/2019

Hi friends!

Welcome to my first money date diary update! If you’ve been reading Money & Mimosas for a while, you know that I encourage everyone to do a weekly money date, which includes treating yourself to a mimosa over the weekend with your girlfriends. If this is your first time learning about the Money & Mimosas date, click here to learn more.

I’ve been doing this practice for several years now and keep a diary of all of my money dates. And beginning this week, I’m pulling back the curtain to let you in on my date.

While sharing my savings and investing stuff may be interesting to you, I’m just going to focus on my lifestyle spending. Why? Because so few people share how they spend their money, even though how you spend your money is a big indication of your values.

As I’ve grown in my career as an entrepreneur, I’ve learned so much about how to be a rich woman by emulating the spending habits of the wealthy people around me. Spending money with intention and purpose is the best way to demonstrate your values and support causes you care about. For instance, I care deeply about my local community so I go out of my way to work out of my local cafes rather than pulling out my laptop at a large coffee-chain. I also loooove beauty treatments and happily indulge in them.

Weekly Money Date

This Week’s Spending

This week I spent $964.77 on lifestyle expenses. The Dues & Subscriptions is my monthly Verizon bill. Here is the breakdown:

Money & Mimosas money diary 3.15.2019

This Week’s Money Diary

I’m pretty happy with my spending. However, I would like to see some of the categories 10X in the soonish future.

Speaking of 10X, WOW, this week has been a PLOT TWIST. I have had life-changing conversations with my girls, Emily (aka Femily), Mags and Bizzie Gold.

These conversations have made me aware of some deep sabotaging money beliefs that I have been holding on to. The biggest one being that I have believed that making money needed to take hard work.

Instead of believing that being rich can be done with ease and grace.

Money & Mimosas

Which is so interesting because I tell all of my private clients that they deserve to make money with ease and grace. But, for some reason I didn’t believe that it was possible for me.

Once, I became aware of this limiting belief, I did a regression exercise to help me remove this block.

In this exercise, I asked my subconscious to reveal to me my first memory of learning that making money could only be done through hard work.

I’ve done a number of regression exercises, so my subconscious has been trained to work very quickly. It responds to me with an image. This image is usually me watching myself as my younger self. It’s almost as if I’m watching a movie of my memory and I am the star in the movie. In order to view this image, I close my eyes and take a few deep breaths.

Within a few short seconds of closing my eyes, the image magically appeared. I was watching my seven-year old self walking with my mom from the mailbox back to the townhouse where we lived in Marietta, Georgia. There were two men working the grounds doing landscaping, and one of them approached me.

He handed my a dollar and said, “Here you go, little girl. Have fun!”

You should know that I have always loved money. When I was six years old, I wrote my first poem and it was about how I thought that money was magic. Funny, how I still believe that today.

So, I was overjoyed when he gave me the dollar. I thought he was a wizard and that I was just given the most magical gift EVER.

Unfortunately, my mother did not feel the same. She told me to give the dollar back and to never accept money from strangers because they always “expect something in return”.

As an obedient child, I gave the dollar back. Broken-hearted.

In that moment, I learned that money could not be earned easily, money from strangers was bad, and strangers will expect something “bad” in return if they give you money.

And I have carried that with me into my adulthood. This isn’t to say that I blame my mother for this, she did not intentionally instill these toxic beliefs within me. She was only sharing what she knew to be true from her experience.

To release this negative belief, I did two things. I forgave my mom for making me return MY dollar (obviously it was mine), I went for a run to work out this negative belief, and then planned a day out with my girlfriend, Mags. A day full of ease and grace.

Va de Vi’s outdoor seating area in Walnut Creek.

Va de Vi’s outdoor seating area in Walnut Creek.

We spent the day in Walnut Creek, home of the Walnut Creek Socialites - the official ambassadors for Money & Mimosas. I arrived early so I could pay Lunchbox Wax a visit, one of the sponsors for our upcoming Elevate + Captivate event.

Then, I met up with Mags for our 12:15p lunch date at Va de Vi, a fabulous bistro and wine bar situated in-between downtown Walnut Creek and Broadway Plaza. Va de Vi translates to “It’s all about wine!” in Spain’s Catalan language, which of course meant I had to get some wine in the middle of the day on a Thursday. We shared a bowl of fries (because, duh!). Mags ordered an iced tea and little gem salad, a beautiful display of heirloom carrots, cucumber curls, green goddess vinaigrette with meyer lemon foam. I ordered their French Kiss sparkling rosé #4 (the lovely server told us it was the local favorite!) along with the grilled trout, complete with forbidden black rice, pickled green papaya, avocado-mango salad, cilantro-lime vinaigrette. DELISH!

After lunch, we headed over to thredUP, a local boutique, to do some shopping. Mags found the cutest fanny pack and I went home with a $190 Calvin Klein little black dress (marked down to $45). Since I’m one of the boutique’s influencers, my store credit made the item free for me.

The day made me realize that I want MORE of these yummy, delicious experiences. Delightful, mind-opening conversations with girlfriends, friendly chats with sponsors and delicious food. The day was full of ease and grace, and showed me that these experiences are within my reach right this moment.

My Intention for Next Week

Going into next week, I am ready to elevate my life and my business. The full moon is on Wednesday, the same night as our Elevate + Captivate event, and I AM READY FOR IT.

The first step that I’m going to take is to begin looking for a full-time personal assistant. In order to have the mental freedom and space to accomplish my dreams, I will need to continue to build out my team. I’m not going to rush to find this person. I’ve made that mistake in the past. Instead, I will hire the person when I KNOW that I KNOW that I KNOW that she is the right fit.

Below is the description of the role. I will be sharing the application link in my newsletter next week. If you, or someone you know, fits the description below please fill out the application. In case you’re not already receiving my newsletter, here is the link to join the fun.

Personal Assistant Job Description

I am looking for an individual who is a rockstar at their job. You have a passion for details, are open to constructive feedback, have incredible self-awareness and know how to communicate your needs.

You are someone who is passionate about women’s empowerment and financial education. You believe in the power of personal development, law of attraction and consistently seek out trainings to become a better you. While I love entrepreneurs…for this role, I am NOT looking for someone who wants to start their own business. You THRIVE being the #2, the right-hand woman, the gatekeeper.

You respect confidentiality, are a power connector and have an eye for beautiful design.

Job Description:

This is a full-time position. Do not treat this like a side-hustle or a gig. You are in it and committed. You must be located in the Bay Area, California. There are one hour meetings with me, in-person, in the East Bay every Monday morning at 10a. Through out the week, you will attend events and will have daily check-ins via email with me for the days when you work remotely. You will work remote 3-4 days out of the week.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Helping me organize the week’s tasks for my businesses

  2. Book my beauty appointments

  3. Maintain relationships with sponsors

  4. Promote and manage the event process for events that I’m hosting or speaking at

  5. Manage my calendar and day’s itinerary

  6. Book my travel

  7. Household shopping

  8. Attend networking events with me

  9. Take photos of me while at events

  10. Plan date night meals for me and my beloved

  11. Research weekend activities for me and my beloved to do

  12. Run errands

  13. Handle requests as they arise


  1. Proven work experience as a personal assistant

  2. Knowledge of Asana and Tailwind

  3. Proficient in Word, Excel, Keynote

  4. Outstanding organizational, project management and time management skills

  5. Up-to-date with local events and happenings

  6. Ability to multitask and prioritize daily workload

  7. Excellent verbal and written communications skills

  8. Discretion and confidentiality

Compensation: $55,000- yearly salary, plus perks.

To apply, sign up for the Money & Mimosas newsletter for access to the application link.