Rags to Riches: these celebs show us that dreams really do come true

This week's money tip: Focus on what you have going for you. Don't worry about the resources that have been given to others. With persistence and optimism, and self-generated luck, you can make your dreams come true.

This past week, I wrote about the role of privilege in determining whether or not someone will be successful as an entrepreneur. After talking with a girlfriend about Kim Kardashian and all the resources afforded to her, and a recent article in Quartz, I was tired of hearing about entrepreneurs who made it because they had a freakin silver spoon shoved down their dainty throats.

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What about the countless entreprenuers who have given the rest of us hope that our present situation does not dictate our future?

In this week's #MoneyandMimosas, I highlight three celebrity entrepreneurs who show us that it IS possible to build a life of your dreams without growing up with millions of dollars at your disposal.

  1. Jennifer Lopez aka Jenny from the Block grew up in the Bronx. She adamantly says that she grew up in a loving home, Jennifer also makes it clear that times were not always easy. She paid her way through dance lessons and even slept in the dance studio when she did not have a place to go home to. J.Lo is now a successful entrepreneur and savvy business person. Regularly appearing on Forbes' top paid celebrities, her brand includes a clothing line, fragrances, music, media company and other successful ventures.

  2. Shania Twain had humble beginnings growing up in Windsor, Canada. Her family regularly could not cover the costs of basic necessities and (her parents) potentially could have been reported to protective services for the lack of resources. After her parents died in a car accident, Shania raised her siblings while pursuing her career. She is now a world-renowned star and inspiration to us all.

  3. Mariah Carey, a biracial child growing up in New York was faced with economic and racial challenges. She was raised by her single mother and began working at an early age to support the family while trying to make her singing dreams come true. Mariah is now the picture of glamour and the quintessential example of class.

I'd love to hear from you!

What challenges have you overcome, or continue to overcome, as you pursue your dreams?

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