#WorkoutWednesday: Summertime Fine Abs Part One

Alright, loves. Summer is here and this month's workouts is all about getting those abs Summertime Fine.

This workout had my arms and abs burning- I had to take a break!

Check out this week's  quickie 10 minute ab workout. 3 moves. 3 sets. Let's do this!

  • 1 minute mountain climbers

  • 1 minute plank

  • 1 minute oblique crunches: 30 seconds right, 30 seconds left.

  • Repeat 2 more times (3 sets total). Do this workout 3x per week.

Disclaimer: Please consult your doctor before engaging in this, or any, physical activity. Danetha Doe nor her companies will be responsible for any related injuries.

Danetha Doe is a celebrity business strategist and founder of the entrepreneur's lifestyle blog, Money & Mimosas. Connect with her on Twitter and Instagram, @danethadoe.