3 Business Takeaways from Rihanna's Savage X Fenty

Ooooweeee. Rihanna has struck again. Reporters are now calling the popstar, a mogul and an entrepreneur to watch.

Yesterday, the Bajan beauty showcased her new lingerie collection at New York Fashion Week.

Danetha Doe on Money & Mimosas

The show was provocative, timely and has the fashion world buzzing. From the incredible designs to the strong message of inclusivity and diversity, Savage X Fenty’s fashion week debut is one that all of us can learn from as entrepreneurs.

Three business takeaways from Savage X Fenty

  1. Create a memorable experience. Most collections at NYFW showcased their products in a traditional runway format. Rihanna bucked that idea and created a full-on show. That was both entertaining and inspirational. Whether you are debuting a new product or service, think outside the box on how to make the interaction with your brand one worth remembering.

  2. Incorporate an inspirational message. Rihanna and her brand is all about helping all women feel confident and sexy. Note the emphasis on all women. In her NYFW show, she chose to include models that didn’t fit the stereotypical model definition at fashion week. One woman was pregnant, a few women were curvier, and every shade was represented. Whatever your brand stands for, make a clear statement that this is the message that you are committed to spreading through your business.

  3. Build community. Rihanna could have easily been the face of the Savage X Fenty show at NYFW. Instead, she chose to wear a simple dress and dark shades, while the other models slayed it on the stage. Allowing others to be the face of your brand is a thoughtful way to create loyalty, give others a chance to shine and show that your business is passionate about representation!

    My Two Cents

Danetha Doe on Money & Mimosas

Rihanna KILLED IT with the show. And did an incredible job with following up the performance with a pop-up shop in NYC. Fantastic planning and execution all around. I can’t wait to see how the lingerie collection performs over the next 12 months.

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