Very Cavallari, Episode 3. Season 1.

“This isn’t a sorority, this is a business. I’m not trying to hire a bunch of friends.” - Kristin Cavalleri


As Uncommon James prepares for their store opening, the team is quickly scaling up their retail staff. And Kristin Cavallari is putting down the hammer and setting clear expectations for who she wants on her staff.

Kristin has put Brittainy in charge of conducting interviews, alongside Reagan. Together, they are filtering through the candidates and reporting back to Kristin to make the final decision.

One of the candidates is Taylor, a model for Uncommon James and one of Shannon’s best friends. Without getting permission from Kristin, Brittainy and Shannon meet up with Taylor for dinner- and Brittainy offers her the job. WHAT.

A big mistake because Kristin made it clear that she has the final say on who is hired. And laters shares, she had offered Taylor a job in the past, but Taylor had turned it down.

The episode continues with the drama between the employees. Now between Shannon and Reagan. Reagan feels that Shannon treats her like “hired help” and doesn’t respect her as a person. The two exchange heated words during Wirth’s housewarming party (Wirth is another Uncommon James employee) and the episode ends with the situation between the two, unresolved.

The Uncommon James team.

The Uncommon James team.

Honestly, I don’t how the Uncommon James store will survive with all of this drama between employees. The strife between the women will be crushing for a business. Kristin will need to get these ladies back in check, OR let some of them go, because the energy is toxic and it will impact their bottom line.

My Two Cents

Danetha Doe on Money & Mimosas

Hiring is an art and a science. Something that I am still learning as an enterepreneur after having a few misses, myself. While many of us won’t have to worry about a fan girl trying to work with us (as so many of the interviewees revealed that they were “obsessed” with The Hills and Kristin Cavalleri), it is important to see if the interviewee has done their homework on the brand or are only interested in a paycheck and/or just having a good time. 

Ask your potential hires if they had previously shopped at your store? What do they know about your brand? Why do they care about its mission?

Your employees are ambassador for your company and it's important that they believe in your vision.

A Money & Mimosas money tip

Hiring staff is something that we’ll have to do if we want to grow our business and see our vision come to life. It is a HUGE commitment to bring someone on to your team, both emotionally and financially. Generally speaking, employees end up costing a company 2X their salary in the first year with all of the on-boarding and training costs.

As a small business owner, start slowly. Bring them on for a project and as an independent contractor. Check out Task Rabbit or Freedom Makers Virtual Assistance Services to help you navigate the process. Not sure if you're ready to hire someone? Read my post, Is it time to hire someone?

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