Very Cavallari, Episode 4. Season 1.

"It's no fun to be 24 and relying on your dad for money." - Reagan.

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The search for new employees continues with Kristin conducting second-round interviews for sales associates. Simultaneously, the drama continues between the employees of Uncommon James.

The tension is exasperated when Taylor, Shannon's BFF, comes in for an interview with Kristin. Kristin is hella direct with Taylor and says that she will not hire her because "me and Shannon have had our challenges." 

Hmmm. I totally agree with Kristin's hesitation to hire Taylor because it's likely that "little clicks of girls" will form in the store and cause unnecessary drama. However, it was completely unprofessional for her to bring up Shannon's name during the interview. 

Taylor tells Shannon what went down, and Shannon is understandably upset. Kristin calls a team meeting with Shannon, Brittainy, and Reagan to explain why she won't be hiring any of their BFFs. And that if the drama between the girls continues, she will have to start letting people go.



Moving on from the employee drama, in this episode we meet Reagan's mom. While she and her mom are driving, Reagan shares that she is ready to take her finances more seriously.

It’s no fun to be 24 and relying on your dad for money. Slowly, but surely, I’m becoming an independent woman.
— Reagan from Uncommon James
Reagan, originally from Alabama, now the assistant at the Uncommon James store in Nashville.

Reagan, originally from Alabama, now the assistant at the Uncommon James store in Nashville.

Way to go, Reagan! I'm over here cheering you on your journey of financial independence. Are you feeling the same way as Reagan? Ready to be an INDEPENDENT woman? Here is my advice to Reagan and you!

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My Two Cents

I absolutely love Reagan's carefree attitude at work. On several occasions, she shares that she thinks people take work too seriously and it should be more fun. I completely agree!

However, there needs to be a balance. Especially if you are committed to becoming financially independent. I've met, and mentored soooo many women, just like Reagan. Women who lack discipline when it comes to their finances health. Finances are just like fitness. You need to have a consistent routine and sometimes it's not all fun and games. 

A Money & Mimosas money tip

If you truly want to be financially independent, you have to develop a disciplined approach to your money. The first step to take is to have a weekly money date with yourself. Pull out your calendar and choose one day per week that you will check in with your money for fifteen minutes. During the date, you will review your income, bills and transfer a percentage of your income to your savings account. 

For more tips on what it really takes to be a financially independent woman, check out this post.

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