Hiring an accountant? Here are 15 interview questions to help you choose the right person!

Hiring an accountant is an awesome moment in any BOSS's journey. It means that you're making money, and enough of it to warrant asking for guidance on how to make the best use of it.

I know that hiring an accountant can seem intimidating, especially if you don't know what questions to ask. The important thing to remember is that it's just like hiring a Virtual Assistant or Social Media Manager or someone to handle your PR, you want to hire an accountant that understands your business and vision. And someone that you get along with!

Danetha Doe and Money & Mimosas

Most accountants are good at their job, but most of them will not be a good fit for your business. To help you figure all that out, here are 15 questions you should ask before choosing the right person for you.

Fifteen Interview Questions Before You Hire Your Accountant

  1. What experience do you have with my industry?

  2. Could you help me figure out how to grow my company and give advice when I'm looking to hire or expand?

  3. Do you file taxes? If not, do you have a recommendation?

  4. How often do you meet with your current clients?

  5. How often may I contact you? Will I be charged each time?

  6. How do you charge your clients? Is it a flat fee, retainer or hourly?

  7. Which accounting tools are you familiar with?

  8. Is there a bookkeeping program that you prefer? Why do you prefer it?

  9. What are some of the latest trends in my industry and how will they help me in my business? (i.e. If you’re a health coach, what are some changes within the way coaches are doing business that may help improve your business?)

  10. How do you prefer to communicate with your clients? Is it via text, email, social media?

  11. Do you have a staff member, or someone other than you, who will be accessing my file?

  12. How much work do you need me to do to make our relationship as effective as possible?

  13. Do you have any previous or current clients that I could reach out to?

  14. What’s your #1 tip to me about how I can improve my business?

  15. Why did you fall in love with accounting and working with small business owners?

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