January 2019: Full Moon Money Exercise

January 2019 Full Moon Money Invitation: 


Wow, the first full moon of 2019 is all the the things -a blood moon, supermoon, lunar eclipse. This moon is inviting us to fiercely tap into our passions and commit to our highest selves. But, in order to do that, we have to heal past money wounds that many of us are carrying.

The blood of the moon is a cleansing agent. Before stepping into the riches that are awaiting us, we must come to terms with past poor choices, then cleanse ourselves of these beliefs and behaviors.

Money & Mimosas at the White Sands, New Mexico

Cleansing yourself of past poor beliefs and behaviors is accomplished through self-forgiveness. When you forgive yourself of past money choices, you are able to attract the abundance that is truly meant for you. Otherwise you can call in some funky shit that will come back to bite you. 

Also, your past poor choices have created a breach of trust between you and your Self. Your Self is not convinced that you will actually be able to handle the flow of abundance that it wishes to send to you. Forgiving yourself forces you to acknowledge these past poor choices and demonstrates to your Self that you see her needs.

Your past poor choices may include:

  1. Not selling your services when given the opportunity. Either offering them for free or not at all.

  2. Not being willing to take a risk because you couldn’t see the direct path to riches, even though your heart told you to go for it.

  3. Refusing to pay money for an event or service in order to pinch pennies. Thereby blocking someone else from their blessing.

  4. Not asking for guidance or help when it was offered to you because of your pride.

  5. Being critical of another person’s choice to make money.

  6. Believing that everyone has an ulterior motive and therefore you chose to play sneaky or coy, and intentionally not sharing valuable information that could help the other person.

  7. Playing passive with your money and expecting abundance to flow to you just because you’ve been meditating. 

  8. Not setting clear boundaries between you and your employer or clients.

  9. Nickel and dime-ing your clients instead of positioning yourself as 1000% valuable by going above and beyond.

  10. Sacrificing your soul’s purpose for a cheap paycheck.

  11. Not acknowledging, and being grateful, for the various privileges handed to you.

Money & Mimosas at the White Sands, New Mexico

Now is the time to be direct, and perhaps, painfully honest with yourself. If any of the above points resonates with you, forgive yourself for making those choices. I also encourage you to make a list of your own.

Self-forgiveness is an incredibly healing exercise. This cleansing process will crack you open for the the mind-blowing magic that wishes to make its its way to you.

A forgiveness exercise to guide you through this full moon:

  1. Reflect on the past year (if you haven’t done this exercise before, you will need to go further back to do some major clean up) and the money choices you’ve made that negatively impacted you. Be honest with yourself- was it maxing out a credit card and not telling your spouse? Not launching the program or blog when you told yourself you would? Purchasing a home you couldn’t afford? Any of the points listed above?

  2. Write down each choice.

  3. After you’ve written them down, grab a separate sheet of paper and write, “I forgive myself for  _________”. Fill in the blank with all the choices you listed in step #2.

Money & Mimosas at the White Sands, New Mexico

Now, moving forward, what steps will you put in place to not repeat these poor money choices? Now is the time to shift your course and leave the poor you, behind.

Sending you lots of love. I can’t wait to witness the money magic coming to you.


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