March 2019: Full Moon Money Exercise

March 2019 Full Moon Money Invitation:

Inspired Cre-action

Your ease-ful abundance is right here, right now.

After a lovely March new moon of powering up our yellow chakra and given opportunities to practice our boundaries, we are now ready to enter into the full moon with a clear direction of what we want and need.

A rush of ideas, newly discovered desires, and expansive dreams will be the mood of this full moon. Now is the time to start planting those seeds. You may be hesitant because some of these seeds may have been planted before, but trust that this time is different.

You have transformed. You have a clear vision. You have cleansed and transmuted old behaviors and beliefs that previously blocked your abundance in the past. And thank goodness it did, because if you look back at what you wanted before you can now clearly see that it was not for your highest good.

Now that you are grounded with an open heart and clearly defined boundaries, you have been granted the biggest gift of all. Clarity of vision and the steps you need to take to bring it into life.

Therefore, this full moon’s invitation is INSPIRED CRE- ACTION.

Money & Mimosas at the White Sands, New Mexico

That is creation and with an emphasis on taking action. Whereas in the past when you took massive action, this unfolding of the journey is about grounding yourself in what inspires you and using that as a guide to create and take action.

This isn’t to say that you should wait for inspiration to strike. Alas, inspiration strikes the muse once she has begun taking action.

Hence the emphasis on action.

All of the ideas you have swirling in orbit, take action on all of them. Don’t hold back. As I alluded to during March’s new moon invitation , we are entering into a season of EASE-ful abundance. And oh my, is it about to flow. That’s why it important to continue to nurture your manipura chakra, in order to maintain your high levels of vitality and radiance, as to not drown in what otherwise will be an overwhelming flow of magnificent glory.

Money & Mimosas at the White Sands, New Mexico

This magnificent glory can include:

  • Multiple six-figure projects that fall into your life

  • Your dream collaborators magically appearing into your life. Or ones that have always been there, but now the moon’s light is shining brightly on them so you can truly see their gifts.

  • Opportunities to explore new creative outlets such as a writing book, traveling the world as a beautifully compensated dancer or instructor, booking high-end modeling and acting gigs

  • An increase in a flow of payments for current service offerings such as speaking gigs, sponsorships, private clients and other sales rather than small trickles every now and again

  • Invitations to elaborate parties and VIP events

The key will be for you to keep tuning into your inner guiding light, continue elevating your money mindset, consistently taking inspired cre-action, and enjoying the process as it unfolds.

Here is an exercise to do on the night of this full moon to help you welcome in the ease-ful abundance that is right here, right now.

  1. Ideally begin the evening in community. Either with a small group of girlfriends or at an event. Community, connection and collaboration will be a necessary component of bringing your dreams to life. Let’s set the tone for it tonight. If you are in the Bay Area, you are welcome to attend our Elevate+ Captivate event.

  2. After the event, it’s time to head home and gift yourself with me-time. This exercise is all about celebrating your beauty and giving yourself permission to indulge in luxury. Begin tonight’s practice by looking yourself in the mirror and stating, I deserve to live a life of luxury. State it until you believe it. You can also lightly reflect on the event you just attended and the incredible conversations you had.

  3. Then, surround yourself with lavendar, violet or lilac candles. Ideally seven, but choose whichever number feels best to you. Shades of purple are adored by royalty, but don’t get hung up on the color. If you’ve only got bright ass pink candles go for it.

  4. After you light the candles, lead yourself through an easy dance movement. Focus on circling your hips, light body rolls, shoulder shimmies. Deep breaths as you let your body guide your movements, not your mind. This is done without music, treasure the silence. Dance for as long as your body desires.

  5. Once your dance is complete, steam a pot of water with epsom salt and tea tree oil. After it has begun boiling, taking it off the stove and place on a table. Lightly steam your face to prep for a glow facial.

  6. Relax into your at-home glow facial. I prefer to use the yolk of an egg for my facial. It’s a Chinese ritual, and rich in Vitamin A and C that does wonders for the skin. As I am doing my facial I usually play Tibetan drums on Spotify or YouTube as I lay down on comfortable pillows on the living room floor.

  7. After the facial, cleanse your skin. And take the next 15 minutes to write down the vision you wish to bring to life. Don’t edit yourself because everything you write down will come true. Thanks to the moonlight.

Sending you lots of love. I can’t wait to witness the money magic coming to you.

- Danetha

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