March 2019: New Moon Money Exercise

March 2019 New Moon Money Invitation:

Power UP

After an emotionally tumultuous February new and full moon, this new moon is a sign that EASE-ful abundance, for those that have been disciplined and consistent about doing the work, is well on its way.

You may have already started to experience the flow. And while being in the flow is a desired state, it can be overwhelming for those that are not equipped to handle to stream of riches. Therefore, the invitation for this new moon is to POWER UP or you may risk drowning in all of its magnificent glory.

To power up, focus on nurturing your manipura (yellow) chakra. Also known as your solar plexus.

Money & Mimosas at the White Sands, New Mexico
An imbalance or blockage in the Manipūra Chakra paralyses and destroys our energy and triggers diverse physical and psychic problems. If we are unable to think clearly, to express our thoughts and feelings, or if our mind is foggy there is often a disturbance in the Manipūra Chakra. Numerous complaints such as Diabetes, skin diseases, cardio-vascular diseases, Gout, Arthritis, rheumatic diseases, many types of migraines, allergies and many more can trace their origin back to a lack of energy within the Manipūra Chakra and a badly functioning digestive system:

Paying attention to this energy center will restore depleted radiance and boost your vitality. Giving you clarity on all areas of your life. Especially clarity around relationships. Relationships and boundaries within them, are the focal point for this new moon. Particularly ambivalent relationships that are low-key draining you emotionally and financially.

Setting clear boundaries around those that are no longer serving your higher self will be your cosmic door to the riches that wait for you.

Money & Mimosas at the White Sands, New Mexico

As you set these boundaries, you may feel that you are being incredibly selfish. For moms, it may be your relationship with your children that need boundaries. For adult children, it may be your parents. It may be childhood friends with whom you have a long-standing history. Or, it may be clients that are overstepping bounds that you have not communicated to them.

Here is an exercise to help you POWER UP and nurture your yellow chakra.

  1. Review your client list. Ask yourself, which ones no longer inspire you.

  2. Look at your family/friends relationships. Are there any that owe you money or always ask for money? OR try to buy your love?

  3. Surround yourself with yellow roses.

  4. Over the next few days, make an intentional effort to be in your body. If this is a new phrase for you, these means focusing on your breath. This will reduce the amount of stress you put on the mind. If you live in your mind, especially during this new moon cycle, it will become painfully overwhelmed because it can not comprehend the flow of riches that are making its way to you. Trust the unknown and get excited for the magical carpet ride.

  5. Continue to do sweaty exercises such as Buti Yoga or heavy lifting with cardio.

  6. Do not be alarmed if your digestive track feels uncomfortable during this time. You can add turmeric to your diet to aid with digestion. During this season, my go-to is a radiant smoothie in the morning to cleanse my body for the day ahead. It includes: chia seeds, cashew yogurt, chopped chard, turmeric, frozen bananas and avocado. Blended until smooth. Great for your digestion and skin!

  7. Spend 5-10 minutes envisioning the life you want to lead as a newly powered up, radiant woman! This is a powerful new moon that will set those dreams in motion.

    Sending you lots of love. I can’t wait to witness the money magic coming to you.

    - Danetha

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