The Financial Dilemmas You Never Imagine Having To Face

Throughout life, you are often thrown curveballs that you have to navigate successfully for the sake of your personal well being. You might have an overbearing and bullying boss who you need to escape, you might be having problems within the home or you might be suffering from a bout of acute anxiety.

It’s ok to not feel ok sometimes. It’s ok to feel sorry for yourself. However, soon you will have to think through solutions and take action in order to survive the curveball. Many of these unusual situations that we find ourselves in involve money. Here’s a look at financial dilemmas that most folks never thought they had to face, and steps on how you can overcome them.



When we are hunting for that elusive promotion, we may be faced with a financial dilemma. Do you go for the promotion that you might never achieve, or do you break free and go it alone? On the one hand you still have that security blanket of a full time job and a regular wage, but you are bored. On the other hand the job satisfaction will be immense, you will be the master of your own destiny, but you won’t know when your next paycheck will be landing in your bank account.

This financial dilemma can cause a lot of anguish. However, what you need to consider is the thing that is most important to you: financial security or job satisfaction. This should make your work life decision a lot easier.


There’s nothing more heartbreaking than a family breaking up. If you do find yourself going through a divorce you want to make it as amicable as possible. To keep things as friendly as possible it makes sense to employ litigation such as the Maron Law Group so all correspondence can go through a third party. You want to split your financial assets equally, and a law firm will help you do so. Yes, they may cost money, but working with a professional will save you stress, and likely money, in the long run. Finances are complex and you want to do things through official channels. By all means talk to your ex-partner, but keep finances and assets strictly through your lawyer.


When you grow a little older, you may think that you have too many responsibilities to simply embark on a far flung adventure. However, this may be worth investigating. Yes, it might use up some of your savings, but this could be the best way of spending your hard earned cash. Travel is one of life’s most enriching experiences. Your employer may allow you to take an unpaid sabbatical, and you could rent out the house that you own while you are hot footing it overseas. Take a look at the sorts of adventures you could partake in such as a trek across the Inca Trail, a trip to Iceland to see the Northern Lights or heading to the backpacker's delight of Thailand.

Being hit by an unexpected jolt to your finances is scary. However, if you remain determined, stay solution focused, and work through your dilemma, you can come out the other side stronger, more positive and more in control of your money. Cheers to that!

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