7 Tips To Plan Your Minimalist Wedding 2019

Many wedding trends come and go, making it hard to find a timeless theme. One new classic is bringing minimalism to your wedding day. Simple in both decoration and cost, it strips back traditional wedding noise to allow guests to focus on the blooming couple. Though challenging to tackle, there are some golden tips you can follow to help plan a successful minimalist wedding this year.

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Choose the perfect dress

Every bride wishes to be the center of attention on their big day. With minimalist weddings, the décor is stripped back so that the bride can take center stage. In fact, the best part about this kind of wedding is that the simplest dresses can highlight natural beauty more than traditional designs. It can be a struggle to adapt to this change, but many brides find it freeing. When you have decided on a dress, you can use your hair and makeup to accentuate this beauty even further. You might choose to follow a twist on minimalism by selecting a lavish dress, so that your muted decoration allows you to stand out even more.

Limit your budget

There is one incredibly easy way to have a minimalist wedding: by spending less. This tip will let frugal couples breathe a sigh of relief, but stress-prone planners will also find that it makes wedding planning a walk in the park. The less money you have in your budget, the less you have available to spend on props and decorations, meaning a minimalist wedding is an inevitable outcome. Usually, the biggest expenditure is your honeymoon. Naturally, you will want a luxurious, romantic destination to spend your first vacation as a married couple. Unlike in the past, there are luckily various couples resorts thrifty honeymooners can visit when they want to keep their budget tight.


Keep it intimate

 One fool proof tip for keeping your wedding costs low it by keeping your big day small. This can be a struggle for those who have always dreamed of a huge celebration, but it is an important step on the way to your minimalist wedding. It can also make your day even more special than you imagined, as you will have space in your day to spend quality time with your loved ones. Like every guest list, you should start by inviting your closest friends and family. Unlike others, this is where your task ends. From sending out invites to organizing table placements, this will make your entire wedding planning process much easier.


It’s all about the color scheme

 Traditional weddings are full of romantic reds and blushing pinks. Although these color choices remain popular among couples, others are finding that loud, bright colors can distract people from the sentimental moments that weddings are all about. However, there is also the problem of making sure your wedding colors are memorable. To prevent your chosen color scheme from being forgettable, strike the perfect balance by testing out some combinations. Many minimalist weddings use a base color, like ivory, before adding warmer colors into the mix. Baby pinks, lilacs and metallic tones are all great choices.


Bring in natural elements

Lots of people think that having a minimalist wedding means having hardly any decoration. Although less is always more, the concept also revolves around the kind of decoration you use. For example, wooden chairs and sprigs of white oncidium are better choices than baroque centrepieces and ornate flowers. This is largely because greenery and naturalistic elements keep your wedding more grounded. They are also perfect for adding a pop of color into your big day. Thrifty couples will appreciate how cost effective this is, while seasonal, fall weddings will also benefit. When combined with sloping tipis, string lights and rustic place names, there is very little that can go wrong.


Hire a wedding planner

 Minimalism is rising in popularity as a wedding theme, but here’s the thing: that doesn’t make it any easier to get right. Taking inspiration from other minimalist weddings is a great start, but sometimes it helps to have an expert on hand. Not only will they be up to date with wedding trends, but they can offer useful suggestions that will enable you to keep your costs low. Unfortunately, finding the right wedding planner can cause more stress in even the happiest of couples. Ideally, you should hire a wedding planner at the start of your planning process. Asking the right questions, looking at their past weddings, and assessing how much they cost are all key steps to take.


Don’t overthink it

 As soon as you and your partner got engaged, your mind will have been overflowing with ideas on what your wedding day should be like. This can be great for planning, but there comes a point where too many ideas result in an extravagant wedding. The idea that less is more is one you should repeat to yourself every day. Though there will be times when you are tempted to stray from your minimalist theme, there will be no better feeling than seeing your vision come to life on your wedding day. You may also find that as time goes on, having fewer wedding tasks to deal with relieves the usual planning stress.

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