Becoming A Savvy Saver And The Pitfalls You May Face

Saving money can often be a huge priority to some people, especially during the summer months. For some, they have children on their school holidays needing entertaining, or just generally feel like they need to save for that important summer holiday you have been looking forward to. However, the end of summer means that there is no time like the present to start ramping up your savings, there is one thing coming up at the end of the year that will be here before er know it. 

But often, when saving, we don’t explore all of the options, and so it might be worth trying out some of the suggestions below. However, there are some common issues we all face, so hopefully highlighting tips and advice will help you become a savvy saver. Enabling you to feel confident in your budget, the savings you can create and the money that you can make. What are you waiting for?

Meal plan and shop your kitchen

Your food shop can often be a big expense each week, so taking action on this could help reduce your spend and save you a fair bit of money in the process. Meal planning is one of the perhaps obvious ways to save as you only buy what is needed from the shop. But sometimes, during the week or as we approach the end we can be tempted to go to the market to pick up an “item or two”. These couple of items can add up. It’s not a bad thing, however be mindful of these habits.

You are bound to find ingredients lurking in your fridge and cupboards that can keep you going. This can also work really well for those months that happen to be five weeks long because of the time between each payday. Many people struggle that last week leading up to payday. This is when finding bargains when you shop and stocking up on reduced items for your freezer can come in handy. 

Do “no spend” weeks work?

Some people really swear by “no spend” weeks and they can really work. There is a psychology behind the actual challenge that encourages you to explore other ways to handle a situation where ordinarily you would spend money. Shopping your kitchen, has just been mentioned is a fine example. Not spending encourages you to save, and boosts your income, while making the most of what you have. You could even try a no spend month and start to record your findings and also the way you handle things on social media platforms. You may be able to help others who are struggling to make ends meet while you manage to save some money yourself. 

Where there is a promo there is money off

One of the most obvious ways to spend money, but one that can still be overlooked is to use promo codes and vouchers. You can find these everywhere. You can search for them online, including very specific ones such as palmetto state armory coupon or you can find them in magazines, newspapers, leaflets, on specific code websites. They can reduce your bill at checkout, give you money off specific items or help you when it comes to boosting loyalty points in specific stores. They are an excellent way to save, and if you are proactive, you could transfer the amount saved to your savings account so you can physically see it. 

What happens when life gives you lemons?

Life will always throw you curveballs. The fridge breaks, the car breaks down, and often we don’t have the funds to get this sorted straight away. If this is the case try and look at the bigger picture, you need a fridge to live, you need you car to get to work to earn money. This is when you may want to look at credit options to help you out. Loans will be repaid, and lessons can be learned when you have your lemon moments. Just remember to make the lemonade in the process. 

Use the internet to your advantage

The internet is full of ways you can make and save money. Saving money can be done through cashback sites where there is money off or cashback for making purchases and even on you everyday spending. You could also use the internet to make your money by filling out online surveys or taking on freelance jobs that you can do in your spare time. There are so many ways the internet has options for you that you can end up saving and making quite a bit if you put your mind to it. 

Let’s hope that these tips help you to save money where possible while still having the freedom to enjoy life.

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