Meet Maritza Barrios

Walnut Creek Socialite

Maritza, Socialite for Money & Mimosas

“The biggest adventure you can ever take, is to live the life of your dreams- Oprah Winfrey” 

Call me cheesy but I absolutely live for good quotes, especially from women whose mission is to empower those that come within her presence. 

With that said, hey y’all! My name is Maritza, from the beautiful diverse state of California! Growing up in the Bay Area, I’ve been fortunate enough to be exposed to many different cultures & backgrounds. And because of that, I’ve had the opportunity to meet & learn from people that come from all over the world. Literally, my favorite daily habit is to greet/meet a random new person, whether it’s at a cafe, in line at a store, on public transportation, I’m a proud extrovert. Any time is a great time to connect with others. I’m fortunate enough that I appear to be very ethnically ambiguous, which has made me being able to connect with others very easy. But just in case you were wondering, I am of proud Latina heritage. 

One of the greatest lessons that I’ve learned in life, by hearing other people’s life stories, is that life is about taking chances & fully pursuing your wildest dreams. I have a full page of goals/bucket lists that I want to accomplish & they range as big as developing an action plan to become Miss. Universe to promote diversity in all industries, to as small as taking a daily picture for a group/family of tourists because there’s always that one person that gets left out to take the pic, and it warms my heart to see such a simple gesture make them so happy! 

I feel very humbled by this opportunity to collaborate with Danetha & cannot wait to see where this journey takes us & all the great people I’ll meet along the way! 

Maritza, Socialite for Money & Mimosas

Fun Facts about Me!

Favorite food: A pound of Shrimp from Boiling Crab, whole sha-bang, mild 

Favorite Musician: Keith Urban (Take me line dancing or anything country vibes related & I’ll love ya forever!) 

One thing most people are surprised to learn about me: I have never had & do not currently have an Instagram. I appreciate connecting with people in real life, plus I see it as a business platform so until I have a PR team managing my account follow me on Snapchat lol 

Favorite Cocktail: Anything with champagne, especially tropical mimosas like guava, mango, etc. 

Favorite workout: That’s a hard one for me to choose between yoga & kickboxing! I LOVE getting into my zen mode but I also appreciate getting in a great sweat! 


Professional bio: I am totally not a 9-5 type gal, so I work in experiential field marketing as a promotional model, brand ambassador, events manager, production assistant & have had the privilege of representing over 200 brands since I started in this industry over the past 2 years.