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Shalini, Socialite for Money & Mimosas

Hi friends! Shalini, here. I owe my LOVE FOR FASHION to my mom. As young girl, she would take me to fashion shows and dress me up in the latest trends...bell-bottom pants, bella sleeves, off-the-shoulder dresses. At the shows, I would watch intently and observe people and their fashion sense. Then I would go home, lock myself in the bathroom-  playing with my mom's makeup, wearing her Saree and experimenting with different looks. This is where passion for fashion started and as a young girl, I set a goal to have a career in fashion.

As an Indian woman, our culture shuns women who believe in following their passions, dreams and desires within their career. My family and community wanted me to be an accountant, engineer or marketing executive. They couldn't believe that I wanted to start a blog and pursue a career in fashion. But, I know that it is possible for me. My blog is about fashion (yes!), and it is about women's empowerment.  I believe in shattering the glass ceiling so that our daughters never know that it even existed. I believe the woman is the most powerful person on earth. She has the power of creating the universe. She has the power to build an empire. She just needs an opportunity. 

Opportunities come from women supporting each other to make a world better place.  It's not about only in fashion but it's about every single field. If we lean in together, it will help everyone in this community to grow exponentially. I always tell myself one thing “If I made this far, I can go beyond this and I believe every woman can”.

I am so excited to be a Walnut Creek Socialite to share my love for fashion and do what I can to help you realize your dreams!

Shalini, Socialite for Money & Mimosas

Fun Facts about Me!

Favorite Food: Chinese Food

Favorite Musician: Beyoncé

One thing most people are surprised to learn about you: Oh!!! it's actually two facts, I am a trained "Kathak Dancer" (a form of dance) and I love to workout and I've been working out consistently from last 15 years.

Favorite cocktail: Mimosa

Favorite Workout: I love Abs workout

Cultural Background: Indian

Blog: Dress Up To Dazzle


Professional Bio: Professional Bio: Shalini attended a college in Hyderabad for her higher education and worked in the Capital City of India. She has over 7 years of experience in the Advertising and Marketing industry. Shalini is now settled in Silicon Valley, California.