Job Ideas For Anyone Who Understands The Importance Of Compassion

So what exactly is compassion? It’s one of those words that seems to get flung around all the time, but you might not know what exactly it means. Compassion is one of the most important traits that any person can have: it means that you have concern and a great deal of care for others, that you have empathy for other people’s situations, and that you are willing to give your time and your patience to these other people. If compassion is a trait that you have, here are some jobs that might just suit you.


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Let’s face it: there are few people in the world who are quite as annoying as a recalcitrant teenager who doesn’t want to do what he or she is told. The role of a teacher, however, is so important in these teenagers’ lives: aside from teaching them the rules of grammar and calculus, teachers also provide a sense of stability for teenagers. They are people who the teenagers can go to if they have any problems, and who can be trusted to do the right thing. You never know what young people are going through at home or in their everyday lives: being a teenager is hard in this day and age, and compassionate teachers who are willing to take a moment and break through a surly, grumpy outer shell to the kid within, are worth their weight in gold.

Funeral Director

Being a funeral director is a job that is hugely important. Not many people get the privilege of helping out others at the worst time of their lives, and making sure that a difficult day runs smoothly for them. Death can be a release if someone was old and sick, but a funeral is still often an excruciatingly difficult day full of heightened emotions, pain, and grief. A funeral director needs to be sensitive to the needs of the people there, and to be good at helping people out and knowing what to say when they’re going through strong and difficult feelings. You could even open your own funeral home - check out Matt Manske if you’re wondering how to figure out the financing. If the job appeals to you, you should also be organised, thoughtful, and tactful.

Working With Vulnerable People

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There aren’t many jobs that are more important than working with people who are vulnerable, which is unfortunate because often the pay isn’t great. But thankfully, the job pays millions in emotional rewards. If you’re working with people with learning difficulties, you can help them learn to cook recipes, how to learn skills that will enable them to live independently, and how to behave in certain situations. If you’re working with older people, you may be making sure they eat a nutritional lunch every day, you may be spending time with them and listening to their stories, or you may be helping them out with jobs around the house. Whatever it is you’re doing, and whoever you’re working with, you’ll need to be a compassionate, thoughtful and caring person - you’re playing an important role in the lives of these people and helping them live happily and independently.

Having compassion will be a huge asset in any job that you decide on - why not try out a career that will enable you to use that compassion to help others?

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