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Hi, I’m Danetha.

Like almost all good things, Money & Mimosas began over brunch with the girls. Me and my four girlfriends were at our weekly brunch date, and the topic of money came up.

Should you merge bank accounts as a newlywed? How do you pay down these student loans as a teacher? Is it smart to start a business and leave the comfort of a 9-5? And how do you balance eating avocado toast when trying to save for retirement?

All of these were important questions, but the biggest question was, is it possible to save, invest and live in luxury at the same time?

With an accounting background and a love for luxury, I’ve made it my mission to teach and empower myself, my girlfriends, and every woman who wants to have her mimosa brunches and be financially responsible, too.

Several years later, Money & Mimosas is now a social club and blog read by thousands of women from New Zealand to San Francisco eager to be rich, sexy, and confident. Our articles, workshops and live events provide inspiration and actionable advice on how to become financially independent. In one year, our members paid off over $225,000 in debt and added over $100,000 to their savings. 

I have been named a millennial entrepreneur to watch by the office of Congresswoman Barbara Lee, a Top 40 under 40 accounting professional by CPA Practice Advisor, a next-generation accountant by Quickbooks, and a millennial thought leader by the Hong Kong Institute of CPAs. I am now a contributing writer for Entrepreneur.com, and my work has been featured in Fast Company, Elle, Cosmopolitan, and Huffington Post Live. Who would have thought that a bottomless mimosa brunch would create such a wildly exciting ride!

Have a money question you'd like me to answer? Send me a message at [email protected] and I'll do my best to write a blog post answering it. I am so excited to hear from you and be on this journey, together!