About this weekend: Caribbean Queens Sipping On Kir Royal

Total spent this weekend: $236.46

Friday, April 12.

After a fun week in Scottsdale, I was on cloud 9 of creativity and excited about life. I kicked off the weekend meeting up with a new girlfriend who is an IT consultant for Deloitte. She attended my sold-out Money & Mimosas event in March, entitled “Elevate & Captivate” where a panel of super successful women shared their insights on how to level UP and lean IN without losing yourself. After the event she was inspired to start her a side hustle (something we PREACH here at Money & Mimosas) and immediately took steps to launch a drop shipping business on Amazon.


We met up at Drake’s Brewery in Oakland. She and her husband (they’ve only been married for a month- totes adorbs!) moved here from London a short time ago. It was great getting to know her better and to see how Money & Mimosas inspired to take steps to make her already amazing life, even more incredible. I’m so excited to see her Amazon business flourish. I’ll keep you posted.

After meeting up with her, I biked the five miles home to have date night with Nick. It was his turn to cook and he didn’t disappoint.

Money & Mimosas

Nick prepared Ono. Ono is a Hawaiian word meaning “good to eat.” It is commonly known as wahoo and is a close relative of the king mackerel. Along with a delicious salad and a banana-rum cocktail. And these incredible potatoes. SO good.

Money & Mimosas

Total spent today: $0 (My new friend treated me to happy hour- a kind gesture given that she wanted to learn how I have built my multi-million dollar business)

Saturday, April 13

Today, me and Nick slept in until about 7:30a. Then lounged around before heading to our afternoon hike near Stinson Beach. It was about 6.5 miles. I was soooo sweaty afterwards. It was such a great booty, ab and cardio workout!

Money & Mimosas
Money & Mimosas
Money & Mimosas
Gorgeous view- a treat after our 6.5 mile hike.

Gorgeous view- a treat after our 6.5 mile hike.

After our hike, we showered and walked to one of favorite couple’s condo for a dinner soiree. They are French and Trinidadian, and always throw the best intimate get togethers. They also invited a lovely gay black couple. Two men who were just a joy to hang out with!

Tonight they introduced us to Kir Royal- a French cocktail with crème de cassis topped with champagne (we did sparkling wine - which Stefàn kept reminding us that we were not drinking the beloved champagne, lol) and served in a flute glass. It was delicious.

Money & Mimosas
Money & Mimosas

The meal consisted of a delectable salad of beets, tomatoes, and other veggies picked from our friends’ garden. Along with cheese, crackers, pate for appetizers, and roasted chicken with Kuchela (a popular Caribbean spice). So fun!

Total spent today: $45 (wine for our friends + lunch picnic during our hike

Sunday, April 14.

Today, Nick went out mountain biking while I shopped around Walnut Creek.

Two Wheel Astronaut X Money & Mimosas
Two Wheel Astronaut X Money & Mimosas

I stopped in Sephora looking for a tinted moisturizer, a new lip stain and glow oil. Fernando one the store’s managers was super kind and helped me find the perfect products for my skin tone. If you are ever in the Walnut Creek Sephora, ask for Fernando and let him know you read about him on Money & Mimosas - he is the absolute best!

And since I spent over $75 at the store, I received a free hydrafacial. SO COOL.

Cucumber eye gels before my facial!

Cucumber eye gels before my facial!

My skin feels so hydrated and glow-y!

My skin feels so hydrated and glow-y!

After my surprise facial - by the way, I totalllly manifested it, more on that in another post- I headed over to Teleferic to visit my fave bartender, Wes. He made me custom drinks based on different feelings I shared with him. Such as delighted and ecstatic. We are mixing up something special for you- I can’t wait to share it with you! Unt

Until then, here is one of the cocktails he made for me based on my Caribbean heritage and mixed background.

Black Seal rum from Bermuda, with Italian vermouth, Benedictine monk liqueur (it has over 100 herbs), lime and sugar. A very risky drink with the rum and vermouth mixing.

Black Seal rum from Bermuda, with Italian vermouth, Benedictine monk liqueur (it has over 100 herbs), lime and sugar. A very risky drink with the rum and vermouth mixing.

Total spent today: $227.46 (beauty products + drinks/food at Teleferic)
Total spent this weekend: $236.46

About Danetha: Danetha is a serial entrepreneur and manages a portfolio of companies as an investor and owner. Money & Mimosas, her lifestyle brand, is a social club and financial education blog. She is known as the money mentor for ambitious women and been named a top 40 under 40 accounting professional by CPA Practice Advisor and a millennial entrepreneur to watch by the office of Congresswoman Barbara Lee.

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How to Clean Out Your Closet

Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.
— Coco Chanel
Money & Mimosas. jpeg

As I shared last week, confidence is super duper important when it comes to being financially successful. If you don’t feel confident, you won’t have the courage to ask for the raise or state your fee with a client. One of the best ways to boost your confidence is to wear clothes that you make you feel good.

You already know this to be true. If you’re feeling lousy one day, doesn’t your mood immediately change when you put on your favorite outfit? Not only does your mood change, but the people around you also respond differently to you.

Defining your fashion and style is part of the journey of being financially successful. I am currently working on mine and invite you to join the journey with me as I work with my wardrobe stylist, Andrea Faye. Keep reading for her tips on how to level up your sense of style.

Money & Mimosas.jpeg

This upcoming year is going to be amazing because Danetha and I are joining forces to show you how to build your dream wardrobe. Between the two of us, we will not only show you how to up your style game as a professional, modern woman, but also, how to plan for it financially. As with any good habit, small changes add up to something great- so let’s move forward with this first set of takeaways.

As you may have read from last week’s Money & Mimosas, I started working with Danetha in strengthening her personal style. A great first step in honing in on your personal style is doing a “closet cleanse” which basically means gutting your entire wardrobe to only include items that are the strong points in your style.

Here are a few main points to consider in conducting a closet cleanse.

1. Empty out everything.

Seeing the contents of your closet outside of context will provide a new perspective for what you actually own. Between gifts, impulse buys, clothing that doesn’t properly fit but we still feel like keeping because we spent money on it, the list goes on… Once it’s out, you can face each item with a fresh point of view.

2. Organize your clothing by priority

Create four piles: definitely keep, maybe, donate, and throw away. Use this time as you organize to reflect on how each item makes you feel when you wear it. Any hesitation is a red flag that the item does not belong in your wardrobe. When you are done, the keep pile may be the smallest, but the positive side to this, is that the items that you do keep are the foundation to your style.

3. Think of yourself as a style icon

Reflect on the most stylish people throughout history. Despite a diverse array of personal styles out there, style icons have one main thing in common: a signature identity. The more you can define the key components of your signature, the more you can develop what it is about you that stands out. Not only will you feel more true to yourself, but you will also come across stronger to other people.

Money & Mimosas.jpeg

4. Consider your lifestyle

Absolutely, you can be fashionable 100% of the time. The beauty of a well defined closet is having the variables of your multifaceted lifestyle come together and always be reflective of your individuality. Consider your activewear, loungewear, special events, work, social life, and even events that you wish to attend more of in the future.  If you have something that doesn’t represent that best version of you for each of those scenarios then toss it and we will upgrade over the coming year.

5. Design elements

If you are working with me on developing your personal style, we may identify your color palette and silhouette ahead of time. A smaller color palette (3-5 main colors) allows for more versatility when pairing items. Color is an important variable, but also, don’t forget to keep in mind prints, patterns, texture, and textiles in general. Consideration of details like these are what transitions a look from low end to sophisticated. I will cover more on this in the future both with Danetha and on my newsletter, but for now just start to wrap your mind around what type of details you are drawn too.

Money & Mimosas5.jpeg

6. This is self care.

Your closet may be a good point for self-reflection, but please, keep your eyes on the prize. You are doing this for yourself to become the best version of you. If anything makes you feel body conscious or brings up a memory of a fashion nightmare, anything, just acknowledge it and remind yourself from here on out we are going to up your style game. It can be hard to get rid of things for some, so imagine yourself with the wardrobe of your dreams because you can absolutely attain it.

And now I’d love to hear from you! How often do you clean out your closet? Let me know in the comments below.

If you’d like to learn more about working with Andrea, click here to apply for a consultation. Or if you have questions, you can reach out to her directly at [email protected]

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7 Reasons Why Every BOSS Needs a Wardrobe Stylist

I like my money right where I can see it: Hanging in my closet.
— Carrie Bradshaw

Oh, Carrie. How I love you. And while I would like to officially put on the record that from a pure mathematical perspective there are other, more financially savvy places where you could hang your money --- I ALSO know through every fiber of my being that money isn’t just about math.

Life has shown me time and time again, that being financially savvy is also very much about how you feel and the intention you have behind your money decisions.

I created Money & Mimosas, because I am passionate about learning how to make money work for me and sharing my insights with you. I learned at an early age that the system was not designed for you and me. This fact used to make me sad, then very angry, and now I feel energized by this process of discovery.

Here is what I know for sure- being financially successful has very little to do with mastering a cookie cutter formula, and A LOT to do with mastering your beliefs and behaviors around money.

Money & Mimosas

One of those beliefs that needs to be squashed is that you need to budget yourself to boredom and never ever spend money on anything remotely fun until you are 1000% out of debt, have a bajillion dollars saved for a rainy day and are at least sixty-two years old.

Ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration. But, the point is that learning how to enjoy your money and have fun with it, is an important step in BEcoming financially successful.

Please note that having fun with your money must be done with intention. Mindless spending will put you on a fast track to being financially miserable. And you have to be honest with yourself if you have a habit of mindlessly (or intentionally avoiding) making financial decisions.

Shopping is one of those money decisions that is shunned by the current financial paradigm. But, buying clothes in an intentional manner, is extremely important to you being financial successful. Why? Because adorning your body is a confidence booster. And confidence, dahling, is what you need to make that money. Yassss, girl.

But, not all of us are fashionistas. And for some, shopping for clothes can be overwhelming. And as busy boss ladies, we may not have the time.

That’s why I decided to work with a wardrobe stylist. I will be the first to admit that while I love clothes, shopping is not my favorite activity. Mostly because I never know what to buy, I end up spending way too much time in the store, and I’m not always sure which styles or colors best compliment my features.

Money & Mimosas

As any boss does, I decided to find an expert and asked for help. I partnered up with Andrea Faye, the boss behind Modern AF, who is a luxury fashion designer and stylist for busy boss ladies. After working with Andrea, I now feel super confident when choosing an outfit for any function. I’ll share more details about the work we did together. For now, here are seven reasons why every boss needs to work with a wardrobe stylist.

Danetha and Andrea Faye on Money & Mimosas

Seven Reasons Why Every BOSS Needs to Work with a Wardrobe Stylist

  1. Understanding your skin tone. Working with Drea, I learned which colors highlight my undertones, making my skin glow. Versus which colors make my skin look dull and lifeless. With a stylist, you will learn which colors are your best friends and which ones need to go bye bye.

  2. Organization. A stylist will help you organize your thoughts around which outfits are best suited for which types of events. For me, my classic look at socializing events is the jumpsuit because you can dress it up or dress it down. But there are also fitness events, lounging around the house, where a jumpsuit may not be appropriate. Working with a stylist will help you think through which activities are consistent in your schedule and then determine which items you need in your closet for each of those functions.

  3. Body style. Have a hard time figuring out which style best suits your frame? Girl, you are NOT alone. It is really hard to objectively look at our beautiful bodies and know which apparel will fall the best upon it. A stylist can do that for you. And will be super loving about it, too!

  4. Your brand. Whether you run your business full-time, have a side hustle or are a freelancer, you have a brand. Your brand will attract clients and it’s important to attract the right ones. Your fashion is a big piece of your brand and a good stylist will help you look at your closet from this holistic perspective.

  5. Saves time. How often have you spent hours in a store or staring at your closet trying to find the perfect outfit for an event? Yea, it’s painful. After working with Drea, I now know how to plan outfits ahead of time for an event. Saving precious time that I can devote to the growing Money & Mimosas community.

  6. Saves money. This may seem counterintuitive, but once you know which clothes work the best for you, you can invest in classic, staple items that will last you for years to come.

  7. Confidence is priceless. Knowing what to wear, and feeling your best while wearing it, is priceless. We all want to feel confident in our skin- whether it’s during a mimosa date with the girls, a boardroom meeting, a client session, or on a date with our boo - and there is NO price tag you can put on that feeling.

And now I’d love to hear from you! Have you thought about working with a stylist? Why or why not? Let me know in the comments below.

If you’d like to learn more about working with Andrea, click here to apply for a consultation. Or if you have questions, you can reach out to her directly at [email protected]

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Bold Business Advice for Bloggers from Hilary Duff

My Interview with Hilary Duff for Entrepreneur.com

Photo credit: Hilary Duff

Photo credit: Hilary Duff

I was shocked when GlassesUSA.com first approached me about creating a capsule collection with them. I thought to myself, what could I offer to this big corporation? Why would they want to work with me? But, then I checked in with myself and remembered my worth. I remembered that I do have value and expertise to offer.  As a blogger and business owner, you may feel insecure about your worth. I certainly do at times! But, remember that your skills are valuable and don’t be afraid to boldly pursue your dreams.
— Hilary Duff

Designing a collection with a well-known brand is a dream for many bloggers and creative business owners. So I caught up with Hilary Duff to ask how the opportunity came about and advice she could share with other entrepreneurs on how to make this dream a reality for themselves.

Me rocking one of the shades from Duff’s collection!

Me rocking one of the shades from Duff’s collection!

In case you didn’t already know, the beloved star from Lizzie McGuire, is now a mom and a total BOSS. After her Disney days, the actor has been boldly spreading her entrepreneurial wings and expanded her brand to include a vast array of business opportunities. From collaborating with Jif Peanut Butter to host an entrepreneurial contest for kids to designing a capsule collection with eyeglass company, GlassesUSA.com.

GlassesUSA.com is a major online retailer of prescription eyewear. In 2015, they raised a $12.5M growth round. And now accept orders from 92 countries with 40,000 daily website visitors.

When Duff first learned that the company was interested in working with her, she had a moment of disbelief and questioned if she could be of true value to them. However, the soon to be mom of two was excited for the challenge. She was yearning for a creative outlet and designing a collection felt like the perfect fit. She also loved that the brand was open to giving her complete freedom to design a collection.

Danetha on Money & Mimosas

The collection launched in January of this year and was met with immense success. Such success, that the online eyewear retailer has teamed up again with the actress & recording artist to launch the Bold Capsule, a limited-edition collection with Hilary Duff. The new line is a call-to-action for women to feel empowered and let their colors shine through; it’s an invitation to dare to be bold. The collection launched on Wednesday, September 5, 2018.

Courtesy of GlassesUSA.com

Courtesy of GlassesUSA.com

One of my main takeaways from Duff, was to be bold as an entrepreneur and treat your brand like a business. Which means taking control of your finances. The best place to start is to separate your personal and business finances by opening up a business bank account. Check out Radius Bank’s Business Tailored Checking! It’s made for the small, independent business owner (like you and me!). And you will earn 0.75% on balances over $10,000.

To read the entire interview, check out the post on Entrepreneur.com

This post is sponsored by Radius Bank.