Money Date with Ms. Magazine

Happy Friday, friends! You know what that means…cue the peanut butter and jelly song because it’s Money & Mimosas time. Money & Mimosas time.

Time to do your money date then celebrate your wins over a mimosa with a girlfriend.

Not sure what to do during your money date? We’ve got you covered!

Here is your three step-by-step money date guide:

  1. Motivate. This step is all about getting excited for the possibilities you can create for yourself when you have agency over your finances. Begin with reviewing where you spent your money this week. Next, set an intention for how much money you want to make next week and brainstorm how will be able to do that. Finally, close out this step by paying yourself first! This can be to your personal checking, savings or investing accounts!

  2. Elevate. What impact do you want to make in the world? Reflect on the cause(s) that you care most about and how you can you can use your money to make a positive impact!

  3. Celebrate! Grab a girlfriend, or a few, and meet up for a mimosa this weekend. Chat about your career goals and the impact you all wish to have on the world. Then share how you all can support each other to create the world you all want to live in!

    Post your weekly Money & Mimosas date and use the hashtag #MoneyandMimosas so I can say hi!

This week’s philanthropy spotlight: Ms. Magazine

A few weeks ago, I was invited to the 8th annual Ms. luncheon as a guest of Chairman Mom. The Ms. Luncheon is a fundraiser and celebrates individuals who have contributed to the advancement of the rights of women and girls and awareness of the injustices women face around the globe.

The luncheon raised $160,000, the proceeds going to support the work  Ms. and Girls Learn International to empower women and girls.

Ms. was the first U.S. magazine to feature prominent American women demanding the repeal of laws that criminalized abortion, the first to explain and advocate for the Equal Rights Amendment, to rate presidential candidates on women’s issues, to put domestic violence and sexual harassment on its cover, to commission and feature a national study on date rape, and to blow the whistle on the undue influence of advertising on magazine journalism.

You can learn more about their efforts and ways to get involved by visiting their website.

Money & Mimosas: MsMagazineLuncheon

About Money & Mimosas: Money & Mimosas was started as passion project by Danetha after a brunch with girlfriends. A former NFL Cheerleader and CFO, Danetha and her girlfriends, wanted a resource to learn how to enjoy life while being smart with their money.

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