The three best credit cards for travelers

Plantains, volcanoes, hiking through Costa Rica’s rainforest...having the ability to explore Mother Earth is a true gift.

As a young millennial couple, me and my beloved take every opportunity we can to check out new places. Especially for special occasions! To celebrate my beloved’s 30th birthday, I treated him to a week-long trip to Costa Rica. It was our first time there and it was incredible.

Costa Rica on Money & Mimosas
Costa Rica on Money & Mimosas
Costa Rica on Money & Mimosas
Costa Rica on Money & Mimosas

The food, sights, sounds, culture - it was both peaceful and exhilarating to be around such vibrancy. Saving up for a trip like this is totally doable. To reduce the temptation of spending your travel funds, keep your savings in a separate account.

I recommend a high-yield savings account because the return is much higher than traditional accounts. Click the link to check out the Radius High-Yield Savings account - they have one of the highest interest rates. 

Costa Rica on Money & Mimosas

After the trip, we went through our photos, videos and expenses. After totaling the costs, we were shocked to see all these random charges from our credit card. Apparently every time we swiped our card, we were charged 3%. Known as a foreign transaction fee.

What?! 3% seems small, but it can start to add up. For every $1,000 you spend, the card tacks on $30. That's easily several mimosas when you're vacationing in Costa Rica or Belize.  After doing some research, I found that most credit cards tack on this extra charge.

But, below is a list of three that have ZERO foreign transaction fees. 

Costa Rica on Money & Mimosas

Bank of America Travel Rewards. The biggest benefit is that there is no annual fee.

Bank of America Travel Card on Money & Mimosas

Capital One Venture Card. Biggest benefit is that you earn unlimited 2X miles on every dollar on every purchase, every day. 

Capital One Venture Card on Money & Mimosas

Chase Ink. Biggest benefit are all the perks for business travelers including zero fees for employee cards.

Chase Ink card on Money & Mimosas

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