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Recession Proof Your Finances

About This Event

A recession taking place soon has been the talk of the town in the media. Our economic history suggests we are long overdue for a recession, however, no one truly knows the answers to what this next recession might look like. What is important for you to know is HOW to prepare for a recession, should one happen: whether that be creating a "bunker" for your savings, debt slaying, networking/polishing up that resume in case of job loss, or knowing what to do with your investments!

Anyone is welcome to join this event, The Financial Gym clients or not! Bring a friend and let's recession-proof your finances together! $$

Joining us for this fireside chat will be Sophie McNaught - Founder of The Shed, Tanya Menendez - Co-Founder and CEO of Snowball Wealth, and Danetha Doe the creator of Money & Mimosas, with Stella Gold - Financial Trainer at The Financial Gym moderating.

About the Presenters

Stella GoldCertified Financial Trainer,
Financial Gym

Stella Gold is a money maker and loves making magic happen when it comes to your finances. Miss Gold has a variety of experiences (personal and professional) in the financial realm. Three years ago she found herself drowning in money anxiety and debt after her father unexpectedly passed. She decided to turn her grief into gold. She started her own business designing backpacks which she successfully sold out on Kickstarter. She also works with Ladies Get Paid, a platform and community for professional women to help them advance in their careers. Through these experiences she learned the ropes of personal finance and finally felt empowered by money, NOT paralyzed. As a Financial Level II Trainer, Stella cannot wait to guide you through your own financial journey and reach the financial empowerment she herself worked for. She believes you deserve it.

Sophie McNaughtFounder,
The Shed

Sophie McNaught is the founder of The Shed, which is a community organization that inspires and educates women to take control of their finances through online education, community events, and workshops. You can follow The Shed on Instagram @theshed_women and visit the website: Sophie is also a Vice President of Corporate Ventures at Silicon Valley Bank, where she was formerly a Senior Fintech Strategist. Prior to moving to the bay area, she was a Corporate Attorney specializing in Financial Services M&A and Financial Regulation in Australia and Hong Kong. In her career, she has persuaded judges to keep families in government housing when their tenancy was threatened, written countless pieces of legal advice for the big banks on complying with consumer protection laws, and helped solve operational issues for innovative fintech companies whose products are designed to help consumers take control of their finances.

Tanya MenendezCo-Founder and CEO,
Snowball Wealth

Tanya Menendez is the Co-Founder and CEO of Snowball Wealth, an app that helps people manage student debt. Snowball Wealth provides personalized recommendations on whether to refinance, repay or use federal programs. Before Snowball, Menendez co-founded Maker’s Row, an online marketplace used by over 200,000 businesses that helps democratize American manufacturing for small businesses. Before becoming an entrepreneur, she worked at Goldman Sachs and Google. Menendez has been included in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 List and named one of People en Español’s Most Powerful Latinas, and PopMechanic’s 25 Makers Who Are Reinventing the American Dream. More information is on

Danetha DoeFounder,
Money & Mimosas

Danetha Doe, a former NFL cheerleader turned entrepreneur and financial journalist, knew early on that her career path was not going to fit in a pretty little box. Fiercely committed to designing a rich and fulfilling life on her terms, Danetha has built a career that includes all the hyphens: professional dancer, blogger, model, actress, journalist, financial expert, TV host, and the list goes on.

Danetha Doe is the creator of Money & Mimosas, a blog, and a community for the ambitious woman. With a heavy emphasis on financial education, Money & Mimosas is read by thousands of women from Dubai to San Francisco who want to become rich and look good while doing it. The inspiration for the blog came to Danetha after a conversation about money with girlfriends over a bottomless mimosa brunch. A few years and several mimosas later, Danetha has been named a personal finance expert by Fast Company and is the star of the new TV series, Going From Broke, produced by Ashton Kutcher where she helps millennials get on the path to financial freedom. Danetha's hope is that Money & Mimosas is a guiding light to anyone brave enough to kick society's expectations to the curb and commit to becoming rich on their terms.

About Our Partners

Financial Gym

Financial Gym is a modern financial planning company focused on providing affordable, comprehensive, on-going financial planning. We’re committed to helping people get financially fit so they can achieve balance, decrease stress and become empowered by their money.

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