Episode 39: Transforming your tax process with Barbara Torzewski

In this episode, Barbara Torzewski gives us insight into how her firm, BDO, is using bots to transform their client's tax processes.

After completing her Masters in Taxation, Torzewski's career journey has included roles as a Cost and Budget analyst, International Tax Analyst, and Corporate Tax Manager.

Her current role is as the National Tax Transformation Leader, a manager role, at BDO.

In this episode you will learn:

  1. How Torzewski landed her role as an International Tax Analyst without prior tax knowledge 
  2. Real-life examples of how automation and bots are changing the roles of tax accountants to become more like consultants
  3. Why collaboration and data analytics are equally important skills for accountants to develop

Resources mentioned in this episode:

  1. Barbara Torzewski's LinkedIn
  2. BDO- Tax Transformation Services
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